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One Ingredient DIY Summer Face Mists

Rose Water Facial Spray

DIY rosewater facial spray

Not just winter but summer is also the time of the year when our skin needs some treatment and caring to look fresh and radiant to last the hot humid days. Many people consider drinking a lot of water and sweating, enough for their body health and therefore never think beyond that. But along with taking water in, we also need to apply it out so that the skin feels refreshed and we don’t go through that drowsy phase of the summer where no one can open there eyes or want to move much.

To avoid the skin getting dry and dull, there are some natural and industry made face mists and sprays which will not only keep the skin hydrated but also replace those thick moisturizers and creams which block the skin pores and cause acne.

I will share some of the easiest and natural DIY face body mists which you can prepare at home without spending much or nothing at all on the ingredients.

DIY Rosewater Spray:

Rosewater is considered an ancient health and beauty fluid which has been in use of the mankind since the discovery of rose plant. Today many companies are offering rosewater but you can make it in home too. The process is very simple.

Put some rose petals in plain water and let them boil till the colour of the petals fade, than let the water cool and after putting in a spray bottle, store in a cool place. Spray it whenever you want, it can last a week or two.

Cucumber Water Spray:


Cucumber WaterCucumber is known to have a lot of water content in it due to which it is considered very refreshing and beneficial for hydrating the body. But this can be used not just in a salad or sandwich but also as a spray. Like I said, to clean the pores, we need to apply and wash them from the outside as well.

Take two to three cucumbers and extract their water either by blending it and separating the water or boiling it like rose petals. The blending process is a better option by the way. Put the water in a bottle and spray whenever you come from outside. This helps keep the skin tone balanced and reduces the tan we easily get in the scorching sun rays.

Green Tea Facial Spray:


Green TeaYes, green tea. Green tea is not only best for drinking in fact it also has various beauty and other health uses. Green tea facial spray mist not only gives a cooling effect on the skin, it also helps make the skin glowing and appear clean. Simply take water and put green tea leaves or powder in it. Let it boil till the colour of the water changes. After about five minutes, turn off the heat and let the water cool. Put in a spray bottle and store in the fridge. You can also carry it with you when going outside or even on a road trip.

Lemon Face Spray:

Lemon is a very good anti-tan agent and works wonders on skin when applied the right way on the right skin type. Put drops of one or two lemon in a glass of water. Mix it and pour in a spray bottle. Use it once every day and wipe it off with a cotton to erase the grease and dirt.

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