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Rose Water Benefits For Skin

Rose is flower, and it has s strong connection with women. For generation, rose has been used by women for their beauty purpose. Rose water is extracted through rose and it is very good for skin. There are many benefits of rose water some of them are shared here:

Rose water and eyes:
Rose water is very useful for eyes. Fresh rose water is used as eye drop,it cures you from dark circles and puffiness. It also adds shine and gives cooling effects to eyes.


Rose Water For Skin Care and Beauty

Rose water for skin:
Rose water is very effective for skin. It gives you natural shine and cleans the skin. It free the skin from acne. It is best lotion for skin with no side effects.it will tone your skin and also close the open pores. Here tip is shared. Take one lemon and mix with rose water. Apply it over skin ,leave it for some time. Than wash your face. Use this twice a week. You will see visible difference in your face.

Rose water and homemade mask:
Rose water is widely used in many homemade masks. Take cucumber and mix it with honey and add rose water also it will be in the form of paste. Apply it over your skin. Wait for half an hour than wash it.Enjoy the freshness of your skin.


Benefits of Rose Water in Urdu

Rose water and oily skin:
Rose water is very good for oily skin. Take small amount of fuller earth and mix it with rose water. Make thick paste than apply it over skin, leave it for some time. After 20 minutes wash it off. You see difference in your skin and it will control oil over skin and make it smooth.

Hair conditioner:
Rose water is very good hair conditioner .After shampooing your hair take one cup of rose water and use this as a final rinse on your hair. It will condition your hair deeply and will add a shine to your hairs. Rosewater has a nice fragrance too and using this conditioner will also leave a scent on your hair for entire day.

Rose water and dry skin:
Rose water is very good for dry skin. Ladies with dry skin can avail the benefit of rose water. When you apply rose water on your skin you will feel that your skin is smooth and shiny.

Rose water as natural makeup remover:
Rosewater can be used as natural makeup remover. Dip the ball of cotton in rose water and also add small amount of coconut oil in it.It will helps you to remove your make up easily.


Use Rose Water For Getting Fair Complexion

Rose water for fair skin:
Rose water is very good for skin. Take small amount of lemon in rose water mix it. Apply it over skin and it is very good for improving the skin color.

Rose water and lip scrub:
Rose water is very effective for lips. Take honey, rose water and add drops of milk in it, mix it well. It is very good scrub for lips which takes away the dirt from lips.

In this article I have discussed many benefits of rose water. It will be beneficial for you. For more health tips please keep on visiting Tips.Pk.

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