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Makeup Tips And Tricks

Girls most favorite things are shopping, getting dressed and the most enchanting is makeup. It is something that makes you look glowing and fresh. Makeup is considered linchpin for the modern world of today. Showbiz personalities, working women, housewives and students everyone loves to do makeup for formal and informal gatherings.


Fine Makeup change your looks entirely.

Very few people know how to apply flawless makeup. Makeup makes your face fresh and gorgeous. So here are tips for peeps to apply a very smashing makeup. These quick and easy tips and tricks will help you improve your ability of makeovers.

Tips To Apply Foundation

As the name implies, foundation is the pillar of makeup. If it is not done properly then all the effort goes in vain. So firstly when you go to buy a foundation choose one that suits your skin tone. Because these are used to hide skin blemishes and make your face clean. While applying, never forget neck.. There are three simple steps to apply Foundation. Firstly apply moisturizer or any skin lotion available do you. Secondly apply foundation then use wet sponge to spread it evenly. This wet sponge helps to wipe extra Foundation and makes skin perfectly fresh.

Tips To Apply Lipstick

Apply moisturizer and foundation on lips for a more soft and glowing look. use brush to shade lips evenly. Apply darker tints at night and lighter hues for day light gatherings. If your lips are damaged, rough and dry. then avoid applying lip colors and in case of a wedding or an event in which you can not go with bare lips. Then apply Vaseline before shading your lips. Matt shades are more inn these days. The trend of lip gloss is a bit older now.

Tips To Shape Eyebrows

There was a time when Tiny Thin eyebrows were made. But now thick and natural eyebrows are the demand of fashionist. Just give a vibrant and clear shape by plucking out extra hair. Use brown and black pencil if you have thin hair or less growth. Teenagers and youngsters should avoid from thin brows as it give them cunning looks.

Tips For Hairs

The best and the cheapest moisturizer for hair is mustard oil. Use conditioners for 3 to 4 minutes to make hair smooth after washing. You can apply hand lotion on dry hair for a more soft and silky look. Wash hair after every two days. Dirt is also main source of rough and dull hair. Keep on trimming hair as this will give volume and healthy hair life is maintained.

Tips To Apply Eyeliner


Eye makeup is the most important thing in makeup.

Eyeliners were applied in thin form but now the modernist have changed it into catty and heavy liners with tails. Such shaped liners look smashing on lively ladies out there. Thicker liners suits to formal functions. It is a bit tricky to follow beauty makeover tutorials on internet. Your eye makeup should be appealing for a fine look.

Life is full of excitement and Modern world demands to be stylish. so change your self to fit into this scenario. Never hesitate in grooming yourself. Follow these simple yet stylish tips to make yourself alluring and get appreciation from your friends and family.

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