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How to Take Care of Dry Skin at Home

Glowing and fresh skin is the dream of every young girl and women, but if the skin is flaky, itchy and dry you will not like it.There are certain kinds of skin, dry skin is one of them. Easing dry skin depends on the ways how you clean it. Dry skin is affected by the air and the environment around you. There are certain tips for dry skin in order to make it smooth.

Use soap less cleanser. Try to use soap that is free from fragrance. Don’t use harsh soap for dry skin. Do not scrub too hard and too much.

Use warm water:
Don’t use hot water, use warm water for dry skin. Steamy water makes you feel good but hot water can be dangerous. After shower gently moisturize your skin and body. Skin care experts recommended that short and warm water shower is good but for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply cleanser to remove dirt and oil.

Cover skin:
Sun damage plays important role behind dry skin, wrinkles and roughness. To ovoid this use sunscreen. To prevent dry, chapped lips in winter use lip balm .In summer use loose shirt for dry skin.

How to moisturize:
Dry Skin CarePetroleum jelly is one of the best moisture for dry or you can use lotion and cream. Glycerin is also good for dry skin.
Try to use liquid cleanser.
Dry off hand and body after taking bath.
Apply thick moisturizer on skin after bath.
Moisturize hand every time you wash them.
Wear gloves:
Our hands are the first place on which we notice the dryness.it can be reduce by wearing gloves.
When you are:
Going outdoors.
While performing home tasks.

Choose non irritating detergents:
When the skin is dry detergents can also irritate you so for this use non irritating detergents. Use laundry detergent that is labeled as “hypoallergenic”

Look for good creams:
Use good creams for dry skin. Creams are more effective than lotion and they are also less irritating than lotion. Creams are better choice which contains olive oil and coconut oil in order to make dry skin smooth.

Humidity in winter:
In winter, dry air is main cause for dry and irritating skin. Heating your house keep you warm but it will remove moisture from air. Try to use a humidifier in your bedroom it will make skin better.

Use of honey:

Dry Skin Care With Honey

Home remedies for dry skin using honey.

Honey is the best remedy for dry skin. Honey smoothens the skin and removes the wrinkles and makes it soft. Take honey and apply on skin leave it for 10 minutes and wash away your skin it is best home remedy.

Use of egg:
Eggs are excellent source of proteins it is considered as best treatment for dry skin.

Mask of mango:
Mango is very good for dry skin. As it is the season of mangoes and it is available everywhere. Take a mango mash it than add olive oil and honey also mix it, it will be in the form of mask apply it on skin than wash it. This will moisturize the skin and make it glow.

Treatment from Banana:
Fruits are best treatment for dry skin:
Peel two bananas and mush it in the form of mask than apply it on skin than wash it it will also make skin soft and make it glow.

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