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Eye Facial Tips and Tricks

Eye Facial Tips and Tricks
Eye is a very sensitive part of the body because it is near the skull, so it’s muscles are very soft and weak. In order to make them strong and healthy you have to exercise daily for your eyes as you do it for your other body parts. Without eyes you can do nothing, in fact, you can’t do anything properly because you won’t be able to see, so taking care of your eyes is very important. You do a a lot of work daily, you see a lot of things and you consume your energy in many important things,  in this procedure your brain is used continuously as well as your eyes. All the stress that you take in office or at your work place directly pushes the pressure to your eyes making them weak and unhealthy, so when you return home you rest and make yourself comfortable, you take a shower and relax your body or a pill to make you feel relax. As you do this you forget to take care of your eyes which also have the most burden during the whole day office or other work.

In order to take care of eyes you should do eye facial daily which is very needy to your eyes and by doing eye facial you will feel relax and your
eyes will start to gain health. Most people suffer from eye sight weakness because of work load stress, thinking of very unimportant things
and taking tension or by using computers can also effect in loss of good eye sight, people that read too much also suffer from eye sight weakness. I am not telling you to leave doing these important things but I am asking you to properly take care of your precious eyes. In order to attain this kind of  strength and healthy eyes I am going to discuss some of the very important factors that’s why your eyes don’t remain healthy or you have blackheads or puffiness under your eyes.

Eye FacialHere are some tips that will help you in returning the same beauty and health of eyes that you once had.
1. There are many ways to facial your eyes to bring back their beauty but using artificial products may also hurt your eyes.
Every artificial medicine or facial product has a side effect but it mostly harm your eyes because usually eyes do not have the power
to bear side effects, therefore, instead of doing that you should use home made remedies.
2. Here is an exercise that might help you with your eyes, look straight ahead and than look left and right, do this for at least 10 to 15 times then look up and down without moving your head for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you strengthen your eye muscles.
3. Most people think of eye facial as they can only use scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers but that’s not true, applying some old natural home made remedies can help you reduce eye problems.
4. You can also feel your heart beat in your eyes, this is usually because of daily workload, in order to solve this problem you have to drink a lot of water and rest well.
5. You can also use products of different brands that have less side effects like garnier, loreal and nivea, these products have very healthy vitamins that can cure your eyes very gently.
6. You can also have puffed eyes due to many reasons. Most people have Hypothyroidism due to which their eyes are weak, it is a condition in which thyroid glands make a bit extra thyroxine.
7. You can also use eye gel mask of any brand you use to help reduce puffiness and prominent lines under eyes to make your eyes beautiful.
8. This might sound odd but drinking lots of water and drinking green tea can reduce dark circles and puffiness from under your eyes.
9. Computer users who use computers for hours can exercise by looking at distant objects time to time, they should take 10 to 20 minute break after every hour and then return to their work.
10. After finishing some of your work and going for lunch, take a nap of about 20 minutes, this will make your eyes fresh and you will focus in your work better.
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