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Red Puffy Under Eyes Tips and Treatment

Puffiness Under Eyes Tips and Solutions
Eyes are very important and gentle part of the body, so taking very good care of them is very important. There are different infections and natural changes that a person can have. Some infections can occur when a teenager is out of his teen age and some when entering teen age. But the age between 20 to 30 is very important, in which you should take care of your eyes properly in order to maintain your eye strength and beauty. Eye lids are to protect your eyes from dust and other dirt particles but most of the dirt enters your eyes when you’re outside in pollution.

Puffiness around eyes or under eye bags is caused by late night wakening. This is because when you yawn too much as when you yawn all the fluids rapidly come towards your eyes resulting in tears. So late night wakening’s can cause swear damage and puffiness to your eyes. Your eyes need rest and proper medication on daily bases as your other body parts require. Today i am going to discuss in detail some very important factors that why these infections happen and how you can gently treat them without spending too much of extra money on medicines that mostly have side effects which cause some other dangerous diseases.
Here are some tips and solutions that might help you get rid of eye puffiness, you can visit beauty tips for different types of beauty tips and tricks.

Eye Puffiness1.    Puffiness under eyes mostly happens when you cry or when you yawn too much. When you work late nights, you yawn excessively due to which All the fluids rapidly comes to your eyes swelling them and making your eyes puffy.so avoid late night wakening’s.
2.   Another tip is that you should use two pillows instead of using a single pillow. Because your head needs to be a little elevated to Avoid fluid flow towards your eye area; this will result in less puffed eyes when you wake up in the morning.
3.    Get lots of sleep and when you wake up wash your face with cold water and then wipe it with a towel.
4.    Smoking cigarettes and drinking too much tea can also result in puffy eye, because nicotine can do hormonal and fatigue changes in the body.
5.    When you experience any infection or a problem that your eyes are burning or they are red and you can’t open your eyes comfortably, do not touch your eyes with your fingers dirty infect do not touch them at all, wash them with hot water or splash them with water 3 or 4 times.
6.    Drink loads of water because in summers your eyes get dry and they need their quantity of moisture.
7.    Puffy eyes are mostly seen in men because they do most of the work outside their home, wandering in the polluted environment, in the office where they look at the computer screen for hours or the labor society who work late nights and do not take proper rest.
8.    Puffy eyes can make you look ugly, or can change their color opposite to your skin color. Most people or you can say majority females use makeup tricks to hide their puffy eyes or age effects.
9.    Potato juice can help you reduce puffiness under eyes. Because potatoes have some natural ingredients that comes from the very natural resources.
10.     You should use raw milk with cotton buds, this will help reduce dark circles as well as puffiness under eyes.

I am sure, after reading this article you will be able to get rid of red puffy under eyes, and these eye puffiness tips will also help you to become more attractive and charming.
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