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Hair Fall Treatment and Hair Loss Prevention at Home

Hair loss or Hair Fall is an increasing problem in our society while it is one of the most common problems of one third of the world population. Hair loss can be due to deficiency of nutrition, stress or tension, hormonal changes or it can be genetic. Hair loss in scientific terms is known as Alopecia. Alopecia is the general term for hair loss but for any specific hair loss condition the terms are different. Now in order to prevent hair loss there are many homemade remedies and also many chemically made product which can be used to reduce hair loss. In this article I will tell you about some of the home made tricks which will prevent hair loss. The reason that I am using homemade tips is that the beauty salons are very expensive and uses many chemically rich products which affect your hair especially the scalps and roots. These chemical products also have many side effects.

Now some of the hair loss solutions are as follows:
Hair Fall in Men and Women1) Mix 1 table spoon of mustard seed in a cup of boiled water and stir it for five minutes. After that drink the solution. This will help in resolving the deficiencies of many vitamins.
2) Make a mixture of almond oil and mustard oil but both oils should be in equal proportions. Massage your hair with this mixture and then leave it for 45 minutes. After that clean your hair with shampoo.
3) Similarly you can also make a solution of 1 egg white and olive oil. Apply this solution on your hair for 45 min and then wash them with shampoo.
4) Take one table spoon of Cinnamon powder and homey mix them with warm olive oil. Make a paste then apply this paste on your hair and scalps for 30 minutes.
5) Boil rosemary leaves in water and then wash your hair with the solution. It will help your roots and scalps to grow.
6) Use yogurt as much as you can because yogurt contains all the nutrition which will prevent hair loss and will make your hair healthy.
7) Apply castor oil at night and then wash your hair in the morning. At least apply this formula once a week but if you have serious hair loss problems then use this formula as much as often.
8) Make a paste of cinnamon powder and apply it on your scalps, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.
9) There is another thing which is very much important for hair loss or alopecia is your mental health. You should keep yourself stress free because a healthy mind will help all of your organs to function properly. For this purpose you can do exercise or other medications like yoga which will be very much helpful not only for your hair but also for your body.
10) Hair Tips by Dr. Khurram Mushir are also followed by many Pakistani men and women to reduce hair loss problems. Mix together 3 tablespoon of warm water and 1 tablespoon of pure apple juice and massage into the scalp three times a week, this will make your hair strong and health.

There are many other tips that can be useful for your hair. But I think instead of using chemicals if you use these hair loss tips on practical basis then you can easily reduce hair loss. Please do give us your feedback about this article and do stay fit and live a healthy life. Your comments and suggestions will help us to work better for your beauty at beauty tips.


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