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Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips and Tricks
If you want good and healthy hair you have to take good care of them as you do with your other body parts because hair is one of the main components that make you smart and attractive. In order to maintain your hair and their health you have to nourish your hair properly and daily. It will also keep your away from hair damaging and you will also get rid of dandruff which is one of the main reasons of hair fall.
It is a true fact that the most important factors that decide the quality of  your hair are your genes and family history, your nerves and emotions, and your immune system. But there are different tips and tricks that can be used to change the original nature of your hair. Here are some tested tips that will in future help you to make your hair healthy and strong. No matter what type of hair nature you have, these hair tips will keep your hair healthy, lustrous and beautiful.
Hair Tips1. Use the brush which has natural bristles so your hair doesn’t stuck in it and you can brush smoothly as long as you can.
2. Remember not to put your hair in a pony tail after taking a shower, let your hair dry for at least an hour then you can put on the pony tail.
3. The things that mostly damage your hair is the use of chemicals, colors and high lightnings. These kind of things make your hair suffer a lot and importantly you don’t know about the main reason.
4. It is better to not use any hair drier but if you do, remember to minimize them whether its a drier or hair curl.
5. Always use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. It protects your hair and is a better option than oil as the conditioners neutralize electrical charge in the hair shaft and help in making hair strong. Also conditioners improve the manageability and shine of your hair.
6. Keep one thing in mind that use hairdryers after taking a bath because your hair roots take two or three days to dry.
7. Do not forget to cut your split ends because if you don’t cut them regularly it will cause damage and hair fall, so when it happens, do it as quickly as you can.
8. Do a scalp massage on weekly basis, massage with your finger tips because it increases the blood flow which enriches your hair with protein and oxygen.
9. It sounds awkward but it is true that don’t wash your hair daily because it showers your oils and protein.
10. Apply heat protestant oils before using a hair drier because it helps to avoid hair fall.
11. Use a deep treatment like cleansing treatments it helps make your hair shiny and more stronger.
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