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Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Skin Care Tips
Sensitive skin is not a medical but it is a lay term. Every different person has a different lifestyle and of course every person has a different skin type too.
Some people have sensitive skins, some have dry, some have mild skins and others have blemished skins. In order to maintain or repair their damaged skins they have to choose different methods.
As in this post, I am going to tell you some sensitive skin tips so my point here is that a person with sensitive skin cannot use a harsh cleanser or lotion, he/she should use more gentle one. Here are some basic techniques and tricks to maintain your skin health and to make your skin fresh again as it was in your 20’s.
1. Put a wash towel in hot water and then wrap it in your face. This will help remove the dirt hidden in your skin pores. Make sure that the water is not too hot as it will harm your skin.
2. After doing so wash your hands with a antibacterial soap, and them apply any cleanser that you use on your face without having your hands wet and rub your hands on your face.
Sensitive Skin Care3. Get 2 spoons of sugar and water in a bowl and stir it so as long as it looks like a very thin paste then add one more spoon of sugar and stir, then get your hands wet with that paste and apply it on your face, get some sugar after wetting your face with the paste and run it on one of your cheek in circular motion and do the same with the other one and then the forehead.
4. After doing this process, take at least 12 drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face for about 10 sec but if it burns as the lemon juice is strong keep it on your face for almost 3 to 4 sec. It will help to remove the dirt that the other methods have missed.
5. After doing all these steps splash cold water on your face because cold water blocks your pores and hot water opens them.
By acting upon all these simple homemade skin tips you care cure your  sensitive skin from all kinds of diseases and as a result enhance the beauty of your skin.
For more help or any question in your mind sensitive skin care then please contact me via contact us page.
Your comments and suggestions at the end of this post will help others to get better results.

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