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Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Makeup

Makeup on oily face is such a difficult task for those who have oily skin. Makeup can spoil and uneven due to extra oil on skin. Oily skin need extra care when you do makeup over your face. There are certain tips for oily skin you can apply them to look good.

Base or foundation for oily skin:
For oily skin use water proof base or other wise use concealer it has better results. Always choose water proof foundation. It is easy to apply and blend as compared to other types. Use good quality foundation for skin. For oily skin it is better to use powered base foundation. Avoid liquid foundation and try to use stick foundation will give you good results. It is very important to use good quality products for skin.

Use of toner:makeup oily
Toner is very good for oily skin. Using the right toner will help equilibrium the oiliness. It will keep skin hydrated. Remember that whenever you apply something over your face it should be neat and clear, properly wash your face without oil free cleanser .So use toner to avoid oily skin.

Apply powder:
Use of powder is very useful for oily skin. Powder sets the foundation over skin. Use such powder which suits your skin. It keeps your face looking smooth; natural and shine-free. So people with oily skin should know that they should have powder with them all time. The best way to apply powder on skin is that applies it with brush and blend well so it looks good over skin.

Control oil on skin:
Make oil free mask and apply it over skin. The mask made with clay is very useful for oily skin. Apply mask with the help of fingers and leave it for 15 minutes than wash with warm water.

Long wear:
Long wear cosmetics very important for skin. You should wear long wear products. The best, long-wear is waterproof eyeliner and cream eye shadow over an eye basic coverage. Use creamy eye color for oily skin. Instead of powdery eye shadows, choose creamy shadows because they are easy to apply and also stay longer than others. Creamy eye shadow will look different on your face. It also includes oil free products.

Lip color makes oily skin smooth:
Lip color is very important in makeup.it gives good impression to your makeup. It fills color in your face. Use such lipstick that suits you. Some of you like to use gloss. It is sticky and helps color stay on it for longer time. So make sure that you apply lipstick properly.

Priming your skin:
Priming of your skin is very important. Use oil free primer in the oily area like nose, chin and forehead. It will give you good results and keeps your makeup for long time.

Blotting paper:
Blotting paper is very useful to lift oil from the skin. It is also helpful to take dust off from the skin. It keeps the makeup fresh and don’t rub it over skin just press it. This paper can use to keep the skin fresh and oil free skin throughout the day.

In this article I have shared many tips for oily skin makeup. Keep visiting Tips.PK for information on more topics.

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