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Oily Skin Care in Winter Home Remedies

Skin is very important to everyone. Clear skin attracts everybody. Oily skin should be treated with great care. Oily skin needs a lot of care in order to keep it fresh. Here are simple tips for skin to take care in winters.

Go for correct moisturizer:
You need to use correct moisturizer which will suit your skin tone. There are many moisturizers made especially for this skin type it has better affect over skin.

Use of petroleum jelly:
Do not apply petroleum jelly over face and lips .For chapped lips use medicated or herbal lip balms.


Oily Skin Care

Use oil free makeup for skin:
It is very important for your skin. Choose cream or base that is oil free and water base. Regular makeup products are composed of oil so use such makeup products that are suitable for skin, instead go for products with matte-effect that stay longer.

Stay hydrated:
Try to consume eight to ten glasses it will keep your skin hydrated. It makes your skin bright and bacteria free.

Use of tea tree oil:
It is proven that using warm water with few drops of tea tree oil makes up for the loss of moisture, and helps keep the skin much softer and supple. The use of tea tree oil is very effective for you.

Use a soft towel:
After washing your face pat your face with soft towel.

Use moisture rich skin products:
Oily skin needs a lot of care. Soap with glycerin and natural oils is a good option for the body, but for the face, go for an oil-free face wash.It will help you to moisturize your body. Also apply toner over skin.


Sun Screen For Oily Skin

Use sun screen:
Use sun screen to make your skin proper. Apply sunscreen before going outside.

Good bye oily skin:
Say good bye your oily skin by applying certain tips over skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin needs. In this way you can get rid from oily skin.

Oily skin has pimples over skin so the best key to this problem is to cleanse the skin properly and exfoliating your skin regularly. Use a good exfoliating gel that has vitamin E. It will bless you with good results.
Vitamin E is very essential for your skin. This essential ingredient enhances skin health without causing pore blockage. Moreover, it also helps soothing and soft skin irritation caused by cold.

Change our lifestyle:
In winter you should change your life style. Avoid long and hot shower it will dry your skin and as a results your body will produce more oil in order to compensate the dryness, makes your skin oilier and it will look dirty.

Add fruits and vegetables in diet:
Add fruits and vegetables in your diet, it will bring shine over your face. Fruits are the natural way to enhance your beauty.


Face Mask For Oily Skin

Skin Mask:
• Mix almond powder, yogurt, turmeric power, lemon juice and apply it over kin for few days.
• Take half banana and add egg white in it.This mask is used to have glowing skin.
• Rose water is best treatment for oily skin.
• Add potato and lemon juice in equal quantity. Apply it over skin to have good skin.

In this article I have discussed many tips for skin in order to make it beautiful during winters. Keep on visiting Tips.Pk for more tips on some other topic.


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