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Make Your Hair Silky and Smooth

Hairs are the most eye-catching and important part of both male and female personality. Everyone wants them to be silky, soft, smooth and shiny. Some people have curly hair; others have straight and some people have wavy. Everyone is blessed with one or other quality and type of hair.

Causes of hair problems
Hair issues are big problem these days as products are filled with chemicals. Our environment is also a bit polluted that effects health of hair. Some complications of hair are hereditary. Dry scalp and rough hair becomes a trouble in everyone’s life. Some people have naturally fascinating and silky hair. Some needs to take special care for better results.

Effects of hair complications
People having hair dilemma are unable to make classy hairstyles and the personality looks dull. It also affects confidence level because when you are not looking perfectly according to your own imagination then automatically you feel a bit nervous.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to make your hair smooth and silky.

Coconut oil
As it is one of the blessing of Almighty Allah, it is considered very healthy for eating, skin care and hair as well. It is full of nutritional values.

Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil for silky hair.

It makes skin moisturized if used in place of lotion. In the same way it makes dry hair drenched and fulfills all the requirements. Apply it before 2 hours of shower for a smoother shinier look. Its fragrance also makes you feel fresh. Coconut oil is a bit expensive but its results are very potent.

Mustard oil
it is a very old and common form of keeping hair velvety, soft and nourished. Apply it on hair one night before shower and before washing your hair.

Mustard Oil

Common form of hair treatment is the use of mustard oil.

Pour 2 drops of vinegar in bath tub for a more shiny-sleek effect. It is available in a low-cost rate and at every next shop. Mustard oil can also be applied with lemon drops and a pinch of mustard powder. It is a good tip for soft and plush hair.

Hair serums
If hairs are too much damaged and uncontrolled with homemade remedies. Or you are facing the issue of hair loss then buy best quality wigs available in markets, if you can afford. Don’t use anything blindly; use it after consulting from your dermatologist. If you feel any irritations then consult medical assistance as soon as possible.

Hair treatments
Best quality treatments like extenso can also be used for a very refreshing result. Salons also offer other type of hair damaging repair solutions. You can try them as well but ask about every product they are using as it your right. Use conditioners according to your hair type, because it also makes rough hair soft and glossy. Conditioners are also available in normal amount and easily accessible for everyone.

Shiny Silky Hair

Shiny Silky Hair Using Extenso Treatment

  1. Hair makes your looks more ravishing if you take proper care. All these hair care tips can be used by women’s and men as well. Taking good care of god creation and grooming yourself is a wonderful thing. When you are good physically then it leaves a very optimistic effect on your mind and health. Along with all these items eat fruits and vegetables. Take good care of yourself for a more appealing persona. Keep on visiting Tips.Pk for more fashion and beauty tips.C

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