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Grow Faster and Thicker Hair

Hair is the most essential part of your body. The whole beauty depends on it.They give good look if they are long, healthy, and shiny look otherwise it looks bleak. If you do not have good hair then do not need to worry .there are some tips to grow more long, healthy, shiny, smooth and thick hair at your own home. Through many ways you can change the outlook of your hair. You must abide by this instruction if you really want to get beautiful hair. First of all, you have to take care of your hair yourself.

Change Washing Style of Your Hair

For this purpose you should change the way of washing hair. Most of the people wash their hair in bow condition or you can assume that when you go down to pickā€“up something. That is not a good way to wash hair you have to change it.

Apply Oil in Your Hair

Apply Oil in Your Hair to Make Them Strong and Healthy.

Secondly, you should apply oil in your hair not expensive but ordinary oil you have to us it in your hair. Starts it from tip of your hair Ordinary oil which is easily available in the market. Whenever you are ready to wash your hair you must apply before washing it. You will get good result soon .this is initial step to grow your hair. Majority of the people use oil on upper surface, that is futile .If you want to get good result then you should apply oil in the roots.

Hot Water

Fourthly, hot water which is really big hazards to your hair. It prevents the growth of your hair. It considers the hurdle in the way of long, thick, shiny and smooth hair. Hot water destroys hair.

Fifthly, to give shiny look to your hair, you have to use yogurt .It works as a natural toner for your hair .It has no side-effect. You can apply it just like oil. But you should keep in your mind that yogurt requires only one hour. Apply the yogurt inside the roots. You should apply yogurt from the tip of your hair and till to root, then you can get good result.

Egg and Yogurt

Apparently surface is not enough for a long, healthy, shiny and thick hair. Depends on you in how much period you want to get the good result. Sixthly, you can use egg along with natural oil like soya bean, coconut oil etc. It has the same procedure to apply on hair. But one thing I would like to tell you that people avoid to use egg due to its smell. They do not know that egg gives shining and smooth look of your hair. But if you get irritation to use it then you should use it only for twenty mints.

White Rice

A bowl of plain basmati rice

Seventy, rice; yes white rice which you use at home in order to make different dishes like Biryani, Pulao etc. You can use water of white rice for the better growth and thickness of your hair. For this purpose you should boil the white rice. Removing water of white rice you should use it for your hair instead to throw it .It has same application to use in your hair like oil. After twenty to twenty five mints you should wash your hair branded shampoo. You will feel change. All the ways which I have mentioned above are easy to obtain and to get shiny, smooth, long, thick hair at home.Thus,if you want to get different look of your hair then you need to follow these tips to acquire long,shiny,smooth,and thick hair.

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