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How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast

Before talking about tips to remove dandruff, we must have some knowledge about how it is formed?

Dandruff is actually small pieces of dead skin in a person’s hair. It occurs due to faster growth cells in scalp and turned to dead cells. It increases mainly in winter due to less consumption of water. It also increases when a person is depressed. Mainly the reason behind dandruff is cold winter that can make it to worse state.

Some people will not have any idea about the microscopic organism which even cannot be seen by naked. Why I am talking about this organism? Because, yeast a microscopic organisms, causes dandruff. The yeast is responsible for inflammation and itching in the scalp.

Tips to Get Rid of Dandruff:

  • Always choose shampoo that suits the pH of your scalp. The selection of shampoo has a great effect on dandruff and results in either increase or decrease of hair growth.
  • Aloe vera gel if applied in the scalp can reduce hair dandruff. It provides the essential proteins to hair as well as stimulates its growth.
  • Coconut oil mask on the hair may reduce the dandruff. It makes hair black, shiny and also increases hair growth.
  • Use of 2 spoons of lemon juice in the scalp to reduce dandruff.
  • If we boil neem in water for some time, the solution formed is very effective in inhibiting the growth of yeast and results in dandruff free hair.
  • Orange peel if boiled in water gives us a liquid extract which helps in reducing dandruff.
  • Baby oil can also be applied for the reducing hair dandruff.
  • Use olive oil before going to bed and reduce the dandruff.
  • The egg yolk is very protenious , if applied in scalp can reduce the rate of dead skin cell in hair.
  • Researchers said we can eliminate dandruff if we first use a dandruff shampoo everyday followed by anti-dandruff shampoo. It brings dead cells out of the hair.
  • Avoid stress conditions it may also bring dandruff in the scalp. Brushing of hair can reduce the rate of dandruff because brushing uniformly distributes the oil present in skin scalp.
  • Seeds of methi after rough grinding if soaked in water overnight. The solution can be applied to the hair to remove dandruff.
  • Replacement of shampoo by baking soda can also be the effective method. It can be applied on wet hair. But do not rub it in the scalp.
  • If we collectively use curd and one tablespoon of lemon and after mixing it thoroughly apply it in the scalp, we can get desired results.
  • Lemon and baking soda if applied collectively can also work for the same purpose.
  • The green tea has many ingredients which can be effective in keeping the body active healthy and dandruff free hair.
  • If we mix one part of mouthwash with 9 parts of water and apply the mixture to the scalp it will help in reducing dandruff.
  • Vinegar can be applied in the same manner for getting rid of dandruff.
  • If we add aspirin to our regular shampoo, it will stimulate the growth of yeast and provides relief from dandruff.
  • Banana peel is rich in nutrients .If we apply it in the scalp can helps in reducing dandruff.

These all tips and homemade remedies can help in removing dandruff from hair quickly and naturally. Type of hair should be considered before applying the above mentioned treatments.

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