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Beauty Tips For Women and Girls

Women Beauty Tips
Throughout the history women try different things to make themselves beautiful and attractive whether for a mate or for their husbands or even to look good in the public eye. Beautiful Women all over the world have been using different type of ingredients and homemade methods to gain more complexions and to overcome their beauty issues and to hide their aging affects. Beauty products are being made from very old times but back in 15th century when the mass production of these kinds of products were started, these products made so much influence all over the world that now a days half of the market is offering packages over these things.

Well enough of this chat, my point here is basically to inform women that instead of using these expensive and chemically made products they can use natural ingredients and homemade Beauty tips and tricks to resolve their issues very easily with the save of their budget. These chemically made products are tested on animals not on humans that is why there is no guarantee that these products won’t hurt your precious body parts. In order to gain maximum fairness and health using these beauty tips for women you can not only save your pocket but you can also save yourself from these deadly chemicals that women are using now a days which can harm your skin and can give you diseases like dermatitis as I have mentioned in my previous posts. Women giving birth to twins or having a premature delivery should also avoid these products.

In this Article I will try to cover all the different beauty tips and trick along with old homemade remedies that will guide women to a healthy and good looking future. With the help of today’s media and internet I have searched and studied different aspects of the situation that how women these days are trying different products over their body and what are the causes and effects, well I have come up with very good ideas about Beauty Tips and mixed some of the old and new methods regarding the situation right now. All you have to do is follow these simple and easy steps so you can protect yourself from dangerous chemicals and have a glowing and healthy body. I will also cover some details for makeup beauty tips for women.

Beautiful Woman1.    Take 1 spoon of honey and a banana and mash it well then add ten drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Keep the paste on your face for about 15 minutes then wash with Luke warm water.
2.    Take 1 spoon of honey and 1 egg yolk, mix them in a bowl and then very slowly add oatmeal and apply the mask to your face and neck. Keep this mask for at least 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse it with hot water.
3.     If you want quick and fair skin without buying any expensive products and by totally natural way you can apply papaya on your face for at least 2 minutes. You will surely get fair and glowing skin.
4.    Your body impurities can also make your skin rough and old looking. Take warm water and add lemon drops in it and drink that warm water; it will clean your inner impurities.
5.    Makeup can be very harmful to your skin sometimes; applying makeup to your skin always in downwards direction can make your skin sag downwards. Apply makeup only in upward direction.
6.    You can use extract of hot pepper to overcome your pimple problem.
7.    Drink lots of water and eat hygienic food regularly. Do not eat any junk food or things that cause acidity or irritation to your body.
8.    Stay away from the sun light between 10 to 3 pm because sun rays are the strongest then. If you go to work or your work is in the field then you can you sun blocks which cover your skin with a protective layer of proteins and vitamins.
9.    Sooth dry skin and use moisturizers and creams, if this does not work consult your doctor for further assistance.
10.    Anti-aging creams and lotions can help you make your skin good looking, the way it was before.
In this article I have covered all the things related to the topic and discussed that how women can use some simple, natural and homemade techniques to make their skin glowing and fair and in turn look more beautiful and younger than original age.
If you like this article or you want to give some suggestions then please share your comment at the end of this post. You can directly contact me for more beauty tips and tricks in your email by visiting contact us page of beauty tips.


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