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Tips, Tricks And Ideas For writing

Essay writing is the part of academics since decades. Students are taught to write and learn essay in both English, or do and in other languages all over the world. With the change of standards, it becomes more difficult to write. Many people who have degrees are unable to produce quality content due to lack of skills and knowledge. In the current scenario if someone is a good writer than there exist huge opportunities of job. Newspaper, magazines, digital magazines, online websites, research analysts and even editors of electronic world prefer the people who can produce written content.

In the current economic condition of the world, it is necessery that every member do some progressive work that helps in boosting financial condition. So if writing is a thing that can give you money by sitting at home. Then you should learn the tactics, specially females who are not allowed to go outside home. This one is a suitable option. Different forms like feature, article and website content require different ways of writing. Here are some tips and tricks for you people.


Writing is an art and important mode of communication.

Tips For Feature Writing

Features are the backbone of newspapers and magazines.  Feature is like an interview in magazine because it is usually the cover story. Or another form is collection of interviews. Means on a specific topic, various point of views are combined together. Writers can explain someone’s answer and conclude at the end. Informative and entertainment features are usually the part of magazines. Avoid baisdeness and dragging to complete your writeup. As this can ruin your feature beauty.

Tips for Writing Article

Firstly I want to mention that that there are three parts of article writing. Many people are unaware about it. There should be a proper beginning that explains what is the article about. Then main body in which everything is discussed in a detailed manner. At the end conclude your entire content and give any suggestion, advice or your own point of view. This form of writing let’s you share your own ideas about a topic. Headings can play an important role to grab the attention of readers. A catchy heading or outline is a must for print and online world both.

Tips for web writing

Web writing was not so much famous if we go few years back. But now due to internet usage in everyones hand. Online websites produce content for the users. If you are writing for a website then keep one thing in mind that web users move fast to another site, if they found your content boring and unattractive. So always write by giving clear headings and break the para if it is long. Use images and make important phrases bold, italic and colored as well. According to someone’s saying “web users are selfish, lazy and ruthless”. So for this sake you have to focus a lot.

Writing is an art, you can groom it by doing some effort. If you start writing and take it as a profession then surely it will help you in earning. Many popular writers have earned millions from a pen. You can’t be rich in few years. Start it as a part time job then see what next is waiting for you.

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