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Students and Education Relation

Students? Who are they? Why they are called students. Well, a general and normal fact that the ones who go to schools, colleges, universities and in different educational institutes they are called students. What a student gets in these institutes? of course, it is, education. An education is a process of learning, and this process can be processed in any place, there is not restriction of schools or colleges or universities because education is the process of transferring skills from one person to another by using teaching methods either theoretically or practically.

Students are the brightest nation, I can say. There are two reasons. First is that mostly are young ones so when they put their efforts they can achieve a goodwill. Secondly, they are kindhearted as well. Many reasons are there. Now, people think that students are worst minded. This is why because, in this era everyone is a student and at the time of 90’s, students were in less number, and in 80’s as well. Students are selected ones. And it is a major problem everyone runs from studies. So now am gonna tell you that what education and students actually are.


Student Worrying About Many Books To Read

Well, before I tell you about them. Lets discuss their major problems. If education problem is tough lesson, student problems are how to remember it. If education says work hard students say how to do it. If education gives a tough time, students cannot take that time. So there are many problems, and no doubt the way every student facing it. It is brilliant. Education never attracted a student. If education attracts a student, then that student is extraordinary and a good learner. But some education tips are really very important.

We have to tell the students from beginning that life is tough etc and give them a factual learning. According to a student, give that individual a good learning. Give them your best because life of a student is the most sensitive think. No one knows when it will break. Break in sense, that when a student choose a wrong way. If there are 100 students then from that amount, 3-4 students are the most wicked and bad boys, and that number can destroy whole strength easily. You know when I was in a school, I was a complete innocent boy. I don’t even knew that what a slang word is. But later on when I passed 6, I got to know that my friends are not good, but it was my childhood I just be with them and later I became a manner less boy. So, we have to focus on these things rather than fulfilling their wishes.

Now, how will they attract and take good part in their studies? They can come closer to studies by giving them an offer, that if you give a best test, I will give you your favorite things. Like if he wants to play outside or wants to play with technology, make an offer and give that offers to your children. I am damn sure that they will accept it at any cost. Secondly, by examples, give them a lecture in which you tell about their favorite people like, cousins celebrities etc. Give them a logical learning. Start giving them a short G.K quiz in which every subject involves. Do not give them money, and order them to do their work on their own. Manage their things individually. Do good things in front of your children so that they also get to know what is good for them and what is bad. These things can change a mind because it is a type of short grooming that you can do for your child. That’s why nowadays children are careless because parents are not focusing on them.

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