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Tips And New Ideas To Be Good Journalist

In information and story collection, journalists plays very important role. They are just like a pillars in the journalism without them journalism can’t progress. You ever tried to be good journalist? You ever dreamed to work for newspaper or magazine? If yes than follow these tips to become a good journalist. Here are some tips and new ideas that are very essential to become a good journalist:

tips for journalistShould have an eagle eye:

A good journalist should have sharp senses. He should have an ability to analyze the news. There are many stories which are fake in online medium. It is very important to have critical approach towards any story to identify; story is fake or based on reality.

Follow ethics:
Ethics are very important in the field of journalism. A good journalist is one who strictly follows the rules and regulation in journalism. A journalist should not pass false stories.

Good writing skills:
A good journalist should have a grip over writing. He should have a power to convey what he have seen in better way through writing. He should avoid sensationalism during writing. Journalism is all about writing. In order to write well, try to read as much as you can. Always keep a diary with you. Practice will make you perfect for writing. Keep pen or pencil with you.

Do not invade the privacy of people:journalist
Privacy is very important for everyone. Journalist should not destroy the privacy of people. He should not display the private pictures without permission. Journalists are said to be working for public interest when they are exposing crimes and corruption or they are protecting public from misleading. Hidden camera, hacking devices and long lens cameras should not be used.

Avoid manipulation:
Do not manipulate the stories and pictures as well. Manipulation is directly linked with credibility if story is manipulated than it can lose credibility. Story should be written with a proper background and balanced. The drawback of manipulation is that, it can mislead and misguide the public.

Build the vocabulary:
Read the daily newspaper. Purchase a nice dictionary; it will help you to make the vocabulary strong. A comprehensive vocabulary can help bring your stories and poems to life, enabling you to better describe the world around you. Be sure that you are using words correctly. Look up the word in your dictionary to be sure, and if in doubt, use a word that you already know.

Avoid defamation:
Defamation is something that lowering of person’s reputation in a society through written or spoken way, cause a person to be avoided. Statement or news should not be based on the defamation. There should not be any hidden agenda behind the news. Defamation can be in written form which is known as libel. It is the malicious statement.

Increase the circle:tricks for journalist
Meet with people, it can enhance the knowledge. All good journalists are not afraid to ask anything to the interviewee. Talk to people and gather information from them.

Avoid inaccuracies:
Handel the news with the care small example can mislead the people like in the news 90 people are killed and you report as 900, it is one of the big mistake as a journalist.

In this article I have discussed many tips to become a good journalist it will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information on some other topic.

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