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Tips to Change Attitude of Teachers

Teachers are the one who guides students about each matter related to studies and life. Teachers also perform the function of opinion leader and maker. Students follow their point of view about politics, employment, career, religion and all of the social matters of life. They are foundation of development for a country. They are role model for many people.

Teachers are the opinion leaders of society.

Attitude of Teachers Towards Students

Students follow them and take guidance for making their lives better. But in some schools of rural areas, there is a different story. Teachers treat students in a very cruel way. Innocent’s kids are beaten with sticks very roughly. They are also tortured so that they are unable to express. But the stains on hands and body reveal the story.

Behavior of Authorities

Poor parents cannot go to police station for their rights. There is no guarantee that criminals will be punished or not. Regulatory authorities don’t take stern action in such cases. Some teachers take their personal work from students during the school timing. If they refuse then they are treated like an animal. In this way not only physical but psychological issues are also faced by them.

Students Psychy in Future

Such kids could be cruel in their lives and they will treat others in the same way. This sensitive matter is the reason behind aggression of individuals. One wrong act ruin lives of many people.

Teacher Punishing Students
Teachers beat students roughly with sticks.

They can be criminals in their life. And not only destroy their own family but effects the whole society. And in this way entire generation suffers from worst situation. No one has the right to treat a human being with sticks on small mistakes.

Tips for Regulatory Authorities

I think regulatory authorities should implement laws against such cruel teachers. And parents must take notice if their kids are treated in this way. It is also seen that kids fingers are cut and they become paralyze for whole life. Just because of teacher’s cruel attitude. If somebody watch this kind of activity happening then they should protest against such people and take help from media. In my point of view news channels helps a lot in reporting crimes. When media reports and shows the criminal activity. Then other people take guidance and learn from it.

Vicious Cycle of Revenge

The kids who face violence want to take revenge from their teachers when they became older. In this urge they join groups of evil minded people. Then Several bad consequences came into happen. This vicious circle of revenge keeps on moving and destructing lives. Not only the sufferers but other family and friends also become enemy. If these atrocious people are punished then no one ever dare to do this again.

Students are sent to schools for learning new techniques, technologies, information and etiquette to survive like a civilized person in the society. A country needs educated class for new inventions and development. Kids are the future of our country. Save our future from cruel, sick and evil minded people.

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