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Tips to Study For Longer Hours

We all wish to study for long hours and some of us wants to study 20 hours a day to be a genius but it is not a good way to study it can disturb person’s natural cycle and can make it more dumb. There should be a certain plan to study at a specific time for fixed time. We mainly cannot study for longer time because we failed to remain focused while studding.

Here are tips to study for long hours:
If you want to memorize one topic by heart with good concept you need to follow these points.
Try to get 25% of the concept by reading, formula and derivation of the topic.
Get 20% of idea by revising the theory.
When we discuss one topic with other we achieve 25% of understanding.
Teaching to other helps you to get 30 % of understanding.
Avoid late night study: Try to avoid study at night because it may disturb your internal cycle. Have adequate sleep because it enhances memory and makes the person active. If you are tired you should take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes before starting study and waking up do some physical activity to make yourself active.


Girl Studying in a Comfortable Place

Find suitable place for study: Try to adjust yourself at a place where you can study more speedily and place yourself accordingly. If you study slowly you need to study more time.
Clear your mind from thinking unnecessary or not related to topic: Try to write down about what you are thinking and if it is not related to topic try to clear your mind.
Avoid use of laptop and mobile: Try to avoid electronic distraction because it prevents you from focusing on the subject under studied.
Select background to study: Always try to adjust your background according to you. Some people can study only in silence while other can study while listening to music. It helps to elevate your mood and makes you feel comfortable.
Try to use natural background: We all knows that nature always have positive impact on mind so try to listen the natural sounds because it may helps you to focus on your subject.
Turn off TV: It’s a bad thing to watch TV while doing study. It can distract you and make your focus on TV shows. Mainly the voice engage language centre of your brain.
Association: It’s a main point while doing study you must associate your concept to daily life routine to retain the information in your mind.
Take breaks: Try to relax your mind after having several hours of study. It may be in form of watching TV, playing games or take nap of some time.
Try to refocus: Try to refocus by thinking about the keywords of an article. It my helps you to memorize whatever you have read about the keywords.
Notes: Try to get good notes in class for better understanding of your topic.
Hard subject: Try to study hard subject first. You can acquire the information more frequently by relating it to what you already know.
Study in groups: Try to make a study group. It helps you memorize the things faster and also enhance your vocabulary.

I hope above study tips will not only help you to learn and memorize your lessons easily but also enable you to study for long hours. For more education tips keep on visiting Tips.PK.

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