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Best Lipstick Colors For Girls

Girls are the most beloved and delicate gift of Allah. They look dazzling if they are zealous and full of colors. 21st century women not only focus on the household work and find new ways of earning. They also keep an eye on the latest fashion products and trends to maintain their personality. A girl with following fashion trends and independent feels more confident.

In earlier times females don’t have any guidance about fashion. As electronic media and print media was not active as it is these days. In fact at that time appearance is not given that much preference as it is imperative today. There was no trend of salon, beauticians, grooming courses, talk shows on makeover and makeup artists. But with the passage of time everything gets modernized and upgraded. It is a good sign that everyone gets cognizant about wearing and wants to be with the fashion world.

The most fundamental element of makeup is lipstick. It is such a prodigious product that will entirely change looks. If you are in haste then just put on some lipstick. Your face seems fresh and cool. Lip shades that are inn these days are a sharp, dark and bright hue that goes with every dress in your wardrobe.

Young girls out there should try these stunning tints to go with the flow. All of them make you look marvelous and funky.

Orange LipstickOrange
It is a shade of young energetic and lively ladies. This shade is very inn since few months. It looks appealing and fascinating also for a bit older women. This color can be applied by putting it with tissue paper, because it makes the color a bit lighter. If you apply orange colored lipstick with slight puffing or little base, then it will make you gorgeous for visit towards friend’s home, lunch, dinner and tea party.

Dark Orange LipstickDark orange
This shade is for bright faces. Evade using this shade if you have dull color. If you have wheatish complexions then apply foundation with dark orange lipstick. It looks awesome with party makeup on girls. It can also be applied on birthday parties, anniversaries and Eid gatherings as well. Red shade is applied when black or white dress is wearing. But this hue also looks good if applied with red, black and white.

Pink Lipstick

Pink is a fresh color.

It is a color that remains in fashion all the time. Pinky lips give soft, soothing and stylish effect. There are many tones of pink that are available in markets. So go to buy your favorite color today and make yourself charming. This is a lip tinge that goes with almost each and every dress whether formal, casual, semi-formal or informal.

Keep playing with colors like apply 2 hues at a time for a new look. Always keep lipstick in your pouch to make yourself alluring. Don’t feel shy in applying different lipsticks. Try them if they don’t suit your skin tone. Then leave it and move on for anything else.

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