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Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hair with stylish up dos, buns and braids look magnificent in casual and formal gatherings. Every hairstyle has its own feature and gives a exclusive look. Beauty experts say that changing hairstyles time to time makes a person polished and sometimes a very simple bun entirely transform a personality. If you are stuck with only one style since years; then it’s time to try something different to feel superior. As good looks not only makes you prominent but it also boost up your level of confidence. these quick and simple buns are especially for girls who have medium length hair

For summer season buns are mostly preferable

Messy Bun

Messy bun for daily routine.

by working women as well as housewives. So make high bun and loosen it with the help of some pencil or end of comb. Binding hairs tightly cripple it and becomes a hindrance in blood circulation. So firstly make a high pony tail and tie it with a band then turn around all your hair on top and use another rubber band. Keep some portion of your hair out to give some nice look. This simple bun can be made when you are getting late for university or job or it can be embellished with some accessories when you are going on some formal event.

Another bun is a bit tricky but fashion lovers can easily try it for a very delicate and graceful look.

Hair Bun

Easy and stylish up do.

Make down ponytail and bind it, then divide hair in two parts from top and pass bottom portion from the mid of upper part. In this way your band is hidden then takes rest of hair and turns it and binds it with the help of hair pins. If your hair can’t stay long then use hair spray to keep it in still position. Make a braid and pass it on top of bun and in this braid adjust accessories like small beads, tops if you don’t have any beads. This up do is best for an evening party or dinner with your spouse.

If you have short length hair and your bun is quiet small. Go for artificial buns available in market to eulogize your looks, these simple buns don’t need beautician and difficult steps. Try this at home yourself instead of spending bulks of money on beauty salons. Make yourself beautiful and feel happy.

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