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Dressing Tips For Girls on Eid Day

Eid day is filled with bliss and exhilaration. After Azaan Fajar male members go to mosque to say Eid prayers and females at home prepare appetizing dishes i.e. sheer khaurma, chane chaat and kheer to serve the guests.
Eid Day DressEveryone complete their shopping at chaand raat and girls apply mehndi and buy colorful bangles. All these are small happy moments that are the blessings of Allah. And on this special event dress is the most significant and prominent part of shopping.

The dresses that are in fashion on this Eid for girls are Capri’ and tights with medium length loose kurtis. Designers have already launched their Eid collection for the chic’s containing vibrant colors and embroidered dresses are also getting acknowledgement of consumers.

Some people have heavy weight body and short length kurtis don’t suit them. So they should try Capri with medium or long length loose shirts. Because lose shirts hide body shape and perfectly fit with modern scenario. Short length with Capri can be carried by young and tall girls. Shirts designed with laces also looks prodigious on Eid day. Lawn suits of today carry embroidery with shafoon dupattas in cool colors that give soothing effect to eyes. Light and dark shades both are in fashion this summer.
Bangles are the linchpin of Eid and on chand raat special stalls of it are installed in front of every jewellery shop and girls of all ages and background purchase it.

Beautiful BanglesJewelry shops do a brisk business in this season. Fabric and metal bangles are on its hype. Shiny plain bangles also look awesome on Eid glitzy occasion. Make the length of sleeves half or quarter so that you can easily wear jewelry on hands. Rings with shiny beads give a very glamorous look and if your dress is simple make it a bit fancy with the help of jewelry items or accessories.
Eid-ul-fitr comes once only so celebrate it with your friends and family in its exciting way. Don’t waste this day in sleeping, go out, eat, dress-up and make it memorable. It’s a gift from Almighty to its human kind. This day means happiness, so eulogize it and forget all woe. Go and meet your old friends and make this day terrific.

I hope after reading this article you will choose right dress and jewelry for eid day which of course, will change your whole look and you’ll become charming woman of the day. For more tips please keep on visiting Fashion Tips.

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