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Fashion is The Need of Today’s World

Fashionable WomanAs advertisement is the only source of income of print and electronic media, similarly fashion industry is sole contributor to flourish the economy of every country. Basically, this article is related to fashion.it is not a Renovo thing. it has been existing in the universe since humans birth. Fashion is basically the style of lining .if we say that modern way of living that would not be wrong.in the modern era, at present, a lay man is aware about fashion. He knows very well how can live a good and modern life in order to adopt some styles  of the society. Every aspect of life like eating, sleeping, walking, comes under fashion but particularly fashion is confined to the clothes. Every new trend has changed the whole society. Firstly, paradigms comes people adopt it 3%. Community avail this opportunity then this paradigm shifts to the next era. when people apprise the others about it.then shift paradigm has spread in all over the world.

Fashion ColorThrough this way the fashion captures the whole place not only on the earth but also in the heart of the people. Fashion is an ancient tradition. It has kept renowned in every era. From the onward of monarchy till today it is flourishing. Now, our fashion industry is raising. Indeed, the season of summer. All collection of summers is also related to fashion .even today people are so advanced that they use to wear designing dresses. Different lawns like warda, khaadi, sitar a lawn, Gul Ahmed, stranger, are contributing in fashion industries in order to flourish it. It is said that dress depicts the whole personality of a human. So, whenever a lay man dress-up his personality can be judged by his dress. Dress whether it is old or new it should be cleaned.in addition, there are a lot of variety of fabric in the market.in the past, bride and groom used simple dress for wedding but in the present era marriage couple has the focal point for the fashion industries.

Bridal FashionDress designer focus on weddings .they design their dresses according to the occasion. Even you can say, that fashion is not confined to the one element of life.it has very vast diameter. Even today we see the simple school and college dresses have stitched in designing. Now, the trend has changed. Circumstances are totally new than the past. Other community has secondary position in the market. Everybody looks busy to compete with fashion industry. Nobody likes to wear simple dress today. Fashion represents the society .in Dubai, many fashion designer have launched their items regarding fashion industries.

Red Clothes FashionThey are introducing other varieties of fashion in abroad.The designs attract the foreigners and intent to buy the customers. Faisalabad which is also known Manchester of Pakistan is famous for good quality fabric in all over the country. A large number of fabrics have exported to the neighboring countries like china, Bangladesh, India, turkey, Iran etc. Pakistani fashion industries are one of the most renowned industries which have the highest rating in the world scale. Pakistani fashion industry is gigantic industry.it has many branches in all over the country. Pakistan is trying to spread it in all over the world through launching its new varieties. Foreign countries are importing fabric from Pakistan. It is a good sign not only for fashion industry but also for economy. There is no dab out that Pakistan is full of talented people. Many new designers are coming in fashion industries .They are introducing new ideas and items in the market in order to raise the fashion industry.

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