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Office Style Tips for Men

Men of today are a bit more vigilant about their looks as compared to our forefathers. I think they have to be; to survive in this scenario. But still some lethargic patriarchs focus less on their appearance. Although office is a place of working and you have to look like a decent professional officer. I think they should focus not only on looks but also on attitude and behavior with other employees to compliment their overall style. When you go out you are not only representing yourself you are referring your family background as well.

To be prominent in front of your boss and look like a prudent employee, follow these interesting fashion yet helpful tips. I am sure all of these helps you stand out from the rest. You ll feel more confident and groomed as well.


Man with Beautiful Face

Tips For Face

When you enter office the first thing that is of great importance is your face. So never go with heavy beard and tedious face. Shave daily for clear elegant look. If not possible then do it after one day. It is best if you shave yourself because there is no guarantee of barber equipment. It may be unhygienic and can create skin problems.

Tips For Hairstyle

Dull hairstyle ruins your appearance overall. Keep your hairs in setting with gel. Scattered hairs make your look rough.


Men should give preference to clothing.

Tips For Clothing

The third and most important preference must be your dress. In summer try to change it after one day or daily if you feel sweating a lot. Wear neat-clean and properly ironed clothes. So that you are not embarrassed in front of your colleagues. If you don’t have huge variety of clothes then try one neutral shade pant with various shirts. Always wear dress pants and shirts in contrasting shades. White shirt with white pant never look good. Wear it with black, navy blue or any other dark hues you like.

Tips For Footwear

It is seen that male members focus less on their shoes. They avoid polishing because it takes a little time. If shoes are dirty then they clean it up with socks and pants. That’s the most unprofessional and untidy behavior. You are no more a kid now. So behave like a professional person. Polish your shoes regularly and keep tissue with you to clean any dusty stain during your way to office.


Hairstyles along with accessories are important for working men.

Tips For Accessories

Wear wrist watch, studs in your cuffs and spray perfume to enhance your overall personality. These 3 things make you a bit trendier.

Tips For Body language

One last thing if you have the habit of walking rubbing your feet on flour. Then leave it today because it is also so annoying and ill mannered act as well. Your body language must be decent in the office.

Actually with the passage of time presentation of everything whether it is food, house and individuals has gained priority. Office is a place where you have to spend half of your day. So dress up nicely according to your pocket. Don’t be lazy about your appearance. Give priority to your outlook. Get up early for a good start. Your boss will surely appreciate such a change. And you can walk with proud among your colleagues.

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