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Tips to Use Flowers For Fashion

Flowers are the most valued gift of Allah. It’s a blessing of nature and gives calming effect to eyes. Flowers remain fresh for a short time but they look magnificent as it is the creation of nature. This short time span is specified by Almighty. Rose, jasmine, tulip, lily and all other flowers fragrance makes a person mesmerizing if used in perfumes, lotions, serums, hair oils, lipsticks and body spray.

They are used in different ways on elated and sad moments as well. Pure Rose water is also used as a deodorant by both genders. Flowers are used on funerals; and on wedding ceremonies to welcome guests. They are special part of wedding nights and are considered a symbol of passion and love. Every romantic dinner is incomplete without it.

Different ways to use Flowers For Fashion
Flowers jewelry

Flower Jewelry

Flower jewelry is used in mehndi functions.

Fresh flower jewelry is also used in Pakistan and other eastern countries on weddings, engagements and other ceremonies. While flowers are used to make bangles (gajra) that are sold on very cheap rates and looks dazzling. Flower jewelry is also used as a necklace (haar) on ecstatic moments for both genders. Artificial rings have flowers are also designed for chic’s. In Mehndi functions marigold flower is used mostly by bride and other ladies.

Chemicals used in flowers

Now many sellers of flowers use chemical to retain its freshness. But these poisonous things ruin the charming fragrance of flowers. People apply chemicals to keep and sale it for a long time. But there is no match with original pleasant odor.

Tips for Hairstyles with flowers

Hairstyle with Flowers

Buns are embellished with flowers.

It’s better to use artificial flower jewelry for hairstyles. To solve the issue of original flowers deadness, artificial flowers are used by young ladies and beauticians. As they look good and remain fresh for a long time. They can also be used again and again. There are different ways to use flowers for hair. Some of the tips for hair styles are as under.

  1. When you make French, Dutch, date or simple braid, enhances it with small tops made by artificial flowers. They not only increase beauty but also can be used whenever you need them again in future.
    2. For young cute girls hair pins having designed with flowers are used for girlish look.

    Flowers Bands

    Flower bands looks stunning.

    3. Flower bands are also available that can be fixed behind your back combing.4. Flower hair bands are also used by teenage and small kids to keep hairstyles with fashion and to keep forehead free in hot summers.
    5. Buns are also embellished with artificial flowers very nicely.

Tips to use Flowers for Health

Flowers Health

Rose water is good for skin.

Health problems are increasing day by day due to environmental issues. Here are some tips to use flowers in a healthy way.
1. Rose water can be used to treat acne and oily skin on daily basis.
2. Rose water is also considered good for eyes itching and cleaning.
3. Flower water can be used to remove makeup and to cleanse face.
4. Marigold can be used to treat burning parts of body.
5. Sunflower oil can be used in place of cholesterol oils for food as it is superb for health.

Flower is such an amazing creation that it is copied on every other lawn, cotton, and linen prints. People not only copy it on dresses but they also make artificial flower for decoration of houses and marriage halls. They are used for interior designing at weddings entrance or to ornament hair. They look smashing in all forms and ways. Use it for an appealing look and stay fashionable.

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