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Hairstyles For Long Hair

Parties, ceremonies, gatherings and hang outs on your friend’s birthdays are very special flashes and events. Everyone wants to look alluring and exclusive in such moment to capture memorable time. As women pay attention on dressing and make up. They spend less time on hair dos and just leave hair open or do some straightening with electric rod. Although there are various options of hair styles that just need a bit care and some tricks in making. But they just upgrade looks and make you fashionable. Here are three hot styles for the chic so that they can walk with pride on social and formal gatherings.

Sock bun

Sock Bun

Sock bun looks cool on parties.

This bun is quiet simple to make and stars walking on the red carpet to club parties. Everyone makes it as it goes with all occasions. Make a high ponytail first then cut a sock upper part and turn it and put it around the ponytail. Now divide hair from all sides and roll them around sock and tie it with bobby pins. For fine look use hair spray so that small hairs can be controlled.

French Braid

French Braid

Stylish braid for ceremonies.

Side braid can be made and designed easily by a girl herself. Firstly make twist from front side of hair and then make thin strands braid. This one is also known as French braid.Secondly make every step a bit loose with your hands like stretching it slightly then put accessories i.e. flowers, beads or anything that you have in your drawer. This braid can be made at marriage ceremonies, mehndi and engagement functions. Not only brides but also cousins can make it for an enchanting look.

Waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid suits teen age girls as well.

This one is not an easy task to be made but girls who want to follow fashion and go with the modern world can learn it easily. Water fall braid actually resembles the waterfall and it can also be embellished with ornaments. Take one strand of your hair from side and join it with the strand from top. Take three portions of hair then keep joining one part from other side with braid. Try turning all stripes in this way and tuck finally with a pin. Young girl’s mother can make it at home for a very chunky-funky look.

Every hairstyle has its own uniqueness and delicacy, so make different styles on all events. Don’t hesitate in trying new things. Always keep hair accessories in your makeover kit because ornament enhance and beatify the look of hair. Try these at home and feel like a heroine on red carpet.

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