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Tips About How to Wear Tights


Fashion is changing rapidly. Every new year unique trends of clothing and styling are introduced for fashionista damsels. Well in my point of view men are equally interested in fashion and style in 21st century. But girls are obviously fast in this race.



Black Plain Tights

If i talk about the very stylish trend that are tights. Then printed, plain and embroidered tights in silk, cotton and stretchable clothes are the most alluring especially in winter and spring season. Because it is a bit difficult for some people to wear tights in hot summers. In summers loose clothing is preferred more.

Tights is Tor Smarties

Tights are suitable for smart and skinny girls. But some extremely healthy and obese ladies wear it to be with fashion scene. But instead of being trendy it looks weird, because body shape is evident from fitted apparels. If fat women want to wear tights then two things should be kept in mind.

  1. Always wear tights with long length loose tops and shirts. Otherwise it makes you funny instead of fashionable.
  2. Prefer buying cotton and jersy stuff because it makes you look slim. Silk stuff tights enhance body shape more and looks odd on obese women.

Tips to Wear Printed Tights


Printed Tights Fashion

Printed Tights with plain shirts that are embellished with laces, buttons and extensions looks marvelous. Laces are used to give dress a new look. A huge variety of buttons is available in markets for peeps. This kind of designing on your clothes is also a cheap way of making yourself fashionable.

Tips to Wear Plain Tights

Tigts are not only in printed form. In fact firstly plain tights were revealed containing laces at the bottom only. Plain tights in neon and bright hues look nice when you pair it with embroidered kurtis and digitally printed linen or cotton shirts. It makes your persona elegant. You can also pair your tights with other shirts and not confined to one thing as in the case of two and three piece suits.


Jeans Tight Fashion

Tips to Wear Jeans Tights


Jeans tights are not only alluring, they are also perfect for the spring and winter season. They can be paired with tops, t-shirts and kurtis as well. It is a casual outfit and perfect for university going girls. Jeans tights are usually available in black, blue tones.

Tips to Wear Net Tights

Net nights are introduced in a unique way these days. It is not the type that shows your body. Lining is attached with net to give it more awesome look. Soft stuff of net with glittered designs and sharp colors are used in it. Due to glitter it can be used with fancy clothes and formal wears.


Embroidered Tights in Fashion

Tips to Wear Embroidered Tights


Embroidered clothes are in fashion and much appreciated by fashion lovers. In the same way embroidered tights from bottom look dazzling with casual and semi formal dresses. Embroidery is done in contrasting shade of tights for an appealing style. They also look stunning if worn with arabic lawn and shafoon tops.

In winter season we feel more comfortable in tight clothes because then cool breeze doesnt effect your body. Temperature of body remains in warm position, maintaining the rules of health safety. Tights are suitable for style and safety as well.

In this article, I have described how to wear tight in different seasons to look beautiful and attractive. For more Fashion Tips please keep on visiting Tips.pk.


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