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Latest Saree Trends For Women

Fashion is all about experimenting with new styles, technology and trends to attractive fashion. Sari is simply recognized as the traditional women based outfit in Pakistan. Sari has been always worn loosely and it is usually produced with bright colors and fabrics. Saris are still in modern fashion with little modifications it is timeless fashion. It is long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body fall in the back, a simple blouse always worn underneath the sari. It is usually produce from cotton and silk. Five to eight yards of fabric are used to produce saris. Sari is known as simple solution to look beautiful.

Season of sari:
With the passage of time sari is gaining height of fame and attention among the women of all age. You can wear sari in all seasons; sari is in countless color shades such as light and dark schemes which make them beautiful. Pakistani women choose beautiful design to increase the personality with the feel of elegance and graceful appearance. Plain sari is also famous due to its simplicity this sari is in light colors and weight. Heavy saris are famous for evening function, parties and wedding.

Bengal saree: Bengal saris are famous and its colors are red, purple and deep blue color. Saris are available in different varieties that are great attraction for women. There are different saris for different events. Sari designer have brought new trend in this dress, shiny, classy saris are for party wear, formal wedding, semi-formal sari.

Saree Design in PakistanTypes of sari:
Sari is the dress that is available in different types some of them are shared below:
Bengal is the best place to buy famous and beautiful saris that is known as tant.The  specialty of this sari is it is stiffly starched and contains excellent workmanship.
It is very simple enough sari to wear at home .it is made up of cotton.
 Banarasi sari:
Banarasi sari is famous for its color and texture. These saris often have heavy golden  embroidery and popular for bridals.
 Gota sari:
It is special kind of sari made with lace border that is attached to the edges of sari. This type of work is done in Rajasthan.

This type of sari is made up of tissue and silk it gives elegant look to personality.

Plain white silk sari:
It is simple type of sari. Usually made up of silk cloth in white color.

It is the stylish sari came from Lucknow it is believed that this sari was introduced by Mughal emperor Jahangir’s wife.

This sari is popular in India, Bangladesh, and Bengal. This sari is known for thread embroidery.

It is the sari made up of cotton and silk.

Bandhani SareeBandhani:
This sari is famous for its tie-dye prints.it is in the form of dots, square, waves, strips. Bandhani saris are made in bright and contrasting colors combinations.

Silk sari:
Silk sari is one of the attractive sari in different region. These saris are famous for wedding and celebrations.

Kosa sari:
Kosa sari is one of the popular sari.it is the finest sari gives the royal look to women. Sari gives a new look to personality.it adds the beauty to women.

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