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Nail Painting Designs For Girls

Nail PaintsNail paints are used by women and young girls since many years. They apply it on nails to enhance their grace. If applied on long nails then it adds more glamorous effect and makes women looks more stylish. Nail paints are used by females belonging to every status because they are reasonable and easily accessible in various colors and forms.
In earlier times only plain nail polishes in limited tones were available but now it has many types; from glitzy-shiny to cracking effects nail paints are appealing the new generation. Nail paints are not applied simply in modern days. Designs are used and play of hues is very much inn these days. Some of the methods of how to make designs with nail paints are given below for the paint lovers. Professionals use brushes for every design i.e. fan brush, stripper brush and dot brush etc. packs of these brushes can be purchased on line but they are a bit over-priced. So girls! here are some tactics of applying cheery-attractive nail paints designs in economical way. Neon pigments are inn these summers as they give cooling effect i.e. yellow, orange, plum, indigo, red and pink.

  1. Plum Shade NailsFirstly apply plum shade on nails then cut paper in line form and when plum shade dries out. Put the pieces of paper on nails and then take any other color like golden and apply it on nails. It gives the effects like many stripes are placed and this design is made easily at home without the help of stripper brush.
  2. Another design that looks prodigious is that apply orange, black and yellow colors in line form on nails and then paint contrasting shades like black dots on yellow, orange dots on black line and yellow dots on orange. Three to four varnishes can be applied when you are wearing a multi-shade formal or casual dress.
  3. Orange Black and Yellow NailsFor small and vibrant dots use tooth picks sticks i.e. red nail polish containing light sea green dots looks luscious.
  4. Cracker Art NailsCracking nail varnishes can also be used if you don’t want to do a little effort. Just buy pair of cracker apply one shade, leave it to dry and then cracker; for clear and shiny’ effect apply transparent nail polish on it.
  5. Apply black nail color and make dots with yellow, parrot green, orange and pink shades in diagonal form to match it with your casual multi-shade dress.
  6. For small young girls, peels off nail polishes are also available in markets that are usually in small bottles. It gives the benefit that when you want to remove it, simply peel it off and there is no need of thinner or nail polish remover.
  7. Green NailsApply green nail paint on all fingers and leave it to dry then take white color and apply it on half nail. When it is dry apply red glittered fill transparent nail polish on it. As glittered nail paint looks very good on matte when you are wearing nail polish with formal or party wears.

Nail paint is a new fashion that is attracting the females and videos regarding how to make designs are also available on daily motion, YouTube and other sites. Nail stickers are also grabbing the attention of customers. Summers are on its hype and cool prints with cool and mesmerizing nail enamels gives enchanting feeling. It is like an art. Some people have the ability to create it while others learn it!

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