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Perfect Nail Shape For Girls

Nails are the most important part of human body. Pink nails are symbol of healthy body system. People who have white spots on nail shows calcium deficiency. On any special event like dinner, engagement party, wedding, bridal shower and on casual visits to friends hang out. Nail paints are used to enhance hands beauty. Trend of nail painting was not popular few years back but now this fashion is famous in youth. Now simple paints are not only applied but also nail enamels are applied in printed form.

Nail colors looks more dazzling if nails are shaped in a way that suits you. Different nail styles are also suitable for different shapes of hands and fingers.

Square Shaped Nails

Square Shaped Nails

Square shaped nails makes your hands pretty.

These shapes of nails are applicable for long-thin fingers. Girls having very smart hands can try this shape at home without the help of any beauty expert. Nail filers can be used to make shape of nails. When your nails are a bit longer, give them the shape and then leave it. Square shaped nails look modern and classy on every age of women. They are suitable for housewives and working women’s. But to give care, wear gloves during working at home. Otherwise all your style would be vanished.

Round Shaped Nails

Round nails makes hands look smart.

Round Shaped Nails

It is a very old style for nails. Round nails make fingers look a bit smart. So this kind of shape is best for the ones having heavy fatty hands. Although smart ladies can also try it but it is convenient for broad hands. Round shape make nails look longer than square shaped. Apply nail paints to check the charm and suitability of shape perfectly.

Whatever the shape of your nails design it with enamels on your table. Some prints are applicable only on longer nails. Because short nails have small space. Try designs on your own at home to elaborate your hands artistry.

Tips to Find Perfect Nails Shape

To check the credibility of shape of nails, follow these simple tips. Apply paint in following style to check it if you are confused in selecting shape.

  1. Firstly apply 3-4 shades of nail enamels in diagonal form i.e. red, yellow and purple. Check it if you think it looks nice on square shaped then keep this form. Otherwise turn your nails in round form for an appealing look.
  2. You can also apply single nail paint and review your shape of nails.
Hand Care Tips

How to Make Your Hand Beautiful

Tips to Enhance Beauty of Hands

  1. Use white nail paint at the tips of your nails. It makes hands look fresh and smashing.
  2. Always keep transparent nail polish in your bag to give crystal clear effect.
  3. Try cleaning nails after every two days or daily if you are more involved in household work without gloves. A dirty nail not only looks awkward but it is treacherous for health as well. All the dirt goes in to your body along with food intake.
  4. Keep cotton bud to clean long nails thoroughly.

Your body is a gift of Allah elaborates it with whatever fashion ornaments you have.  Keep yourself up to date according to the modern world. You will feel more confident after little changes in your style and appearance.

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