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Neon Wearing Fashion Tips

Neon Coloured AccessoriesNeons have been in the top of the fashion world for the past few years and have been accepted and admired by many fashionistas. However there still are a few people out there who prefer to not experiment with these brighter tones of the colours and always take the safe route. For those of you who put the neons at an arm’s length, here is a good news, I will share in this article some very safe yet stylish ways of blending neon colour tones with your everyday outfits or even the formal ones and teach you how to wear neons, and neon fashion tips. Have a look at the following styles of wearing the sharp brighter hues and see what goes well with your personality and style. Explore and experiment and you might be amazed by how awesome these sharp hues compliment your look.



Belts are one of the very safe ways of carrying neons. No matter what colour you are wearing, they will lift up your appearance and surely make a statement, the kind of one we all want to make. Try wearing a neon coloured thin belt with a pastel or neutral coloured outfit to balance the look and not look overcrowded.

Neon Coloured Cold NecklaceJewelry:

Another very essential accessary in not only a woman’s but also man’s wardrobe, jewelry can also be carried in neon hues with any coloured attire to make it more complete and finished. A bold neon necklace with a white or black top will not only make the dress more noticeable but also blend well with the modern fashion. You can also wear a bold set of neon bangles or just earrings but whatever you choose to wear, keep in mind to only wear one bold piece of that neon hue so that it complements the look and doesn’t make you appear overloaded.



Green Neon Coloured ShoesIf you are wearing a plain one colored outfit, than neon shoes of any colour would go perfect with it not just for casual but also for formal events. Investing in a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes will definitely reward you so when going out for shopping, don’t shy away from the bold neons, and try them out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



You don’t always have to add a small tint of neon in your over all look. Neon yellow, green orange or navy blue coloured trouser would also not be a bad idea in fact, it can actually enhance your look if you wear it with a white plain shirt and carry the same neon coloured necklace.

Neon Colour Combination of Yellow And Blue


Handbagsare surely something we are not afraid to experiment with so yes this can a very good starter for you on neons. Whatever attire you are wearing, carry a complementing neon coloured handbag or clutch with it and it will lift up you entire look.

Whatever way you choose to use neons in, just always be very careful to always balance your look and never overload yourself with too much colours or accessories as it might have a negative effect on you outlook. Always balance light colours with dark ones and sharper tones with soft matte ones so that a harmony and balance is portrayed in your appearance. Try out these neons and see how wonderful they might turn out on you.

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