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Scarf Wearing Styles Ideas And Tips For Winters

Scarf is loved by everyone in winters. It is the simple accessory but how to wear it is another story. Scarf looks very versatile. Scarf is worn by every girl. It comes in different shapes, size length and color. Here are some tips to wear scarf in winters:

scarf ideasWear scarf to keep yourself warm and also look stylish:

Scarf can be worn in different style. Wrapped the scarf around your neck twice to keep yourself warm. Scarf adds a stylish look to your outfit. Cashmere scarf it is the soft scarf and made of wool, light weighted and luxurious scarf.

Wearing scarf in summer adds color:
Summer scarves are different than winter.as the weather is hot in summer than people avoided to tie it around the neck. Light skinny scarves are great for the summer. Instead of wrapping it around the neck simply tie it half way down and let it hang.

Wrap the scarf around:
The easiest way is that to wrap the scarf around your shoulders. It looks simple and attractive.

Match the scarf with the outfit:
This is little tricky but it looks good. Try to use the color in the scarf that is in the outfit or dress. It creates the style, balance and coordination in the look. Fabrics contrast is good idea to wear scarf.

Black and white scarf:
Black and white scarf is good combination for winters. If you are wearing jeans with black top than put a white scarf over it, it will give the complete look to the outfit.

scarf and coatTry scarf with long coat:
Long coat, distressed denim, stripes and a scarf is a simple outfit formula to try. Set the scarf inside the coat and then wear coat over it. Matching is very important to give a complete and attractive look to you. Match the scarf with the shirt or the coat. You can also use contrasting technique for this.

Set scarf on the jacket:
Scarf is the accessory that can be used in different ways and style. Instead of wearing the scarf on the inside of the jacket wrapped it around the jacket and made sure it matched the colors of my outfit.

Classic scarf loop:
Take a colorful scarf. Put the scarf around your neck and pull one end down slightly longer. Wrap that end around your neck and let both ends hang. It will be in the form of loop.

Wear scarf with polka dots:
polka dotted scarf is full of pattern. If the dress is too plain than use scarf with the polka dots it creates the interest. To create a fun wear polka dot scarf. To add a new dimension in your style .you can use double pattern at once. Use polka dots and strips pattern scarf at once. It will look different.

Use of scarf with cap shawl:
It will be new style for you. Wrap a scarf around your neck and fold it into your cape. You can use scarf with different color and texture.

In this article I have discussed many fashion tips for scarf wearing. I hope this scarf guide will help you to wear scarf. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information on some other topic.

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