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Cute And Trendy Shoes For Girls

Shoes are the most favorite element of girls in fashion accessories. Shoes make body posture stylish and make your appearance more attractive and elegant. Every wedding ceremony, fashion show or even casual gatherings are incomplete without captivating shoes.

High heels

Very few people carry high heels with elegance and stay relaxed. In previous times only short heighted people wear heels to make their selves taller. But today not only short heighted but tall ladies and girls also wear it, because they know its importance in ones personality. Especially long dresses like frocks, tail shirts complement high heels.

Pencil High heels

High Heels

High heels makes your posture stylish.

It is a trend for modern stylo ladies. Pencil heels are not easy to carry by everyone. So use it if you think you are comfortable in it. No doubt it makes you stylish. But if it makes you uneasy then avoid following such fashion. High pencil heels are designed in different styles. Some make it glittery to make it prominent others elaborate it in contrast with the upper part.

Drawbacks of high heels

Actually high heels with pointed tips are not comfortable for everyone. Pencil heels are not good for feet’s as suggested by the physicians. Some people follow this fashion just to be with modern staple but I think they should keep in mind their comfort level. If you are not feeling any kind of problem then buy high heels otherwise it can damage your bones and legs.

Wedge heels

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are comfortable yet fashionable for girls.

Wedge heels are in fashion since sometime. Teenagers, youth and even middle aged ladies wear it. It can be paired with jeans, kurtis, formal and semi formal dresses. High heels are mostly wearing at marriage ceremonies, parties and formal gatherings. Even some damsels remain uncomfortable in it but wear to go with fashion staple. But wedges can go with formal to casual gatherings and can be used by working women’s as well.

Printed Wedge

Printed wedge is for youth.

Now not only simple wedges but also printed wedge heels are available in markets. Printed shoes looks awesome if wear with plain suits. They can be paired with jeans and tops for modern look. Wedges are also easy to carry for kids and old aged women’s and keep your feet in relaxed position.

Printed caught shoes

Printed Shoes

Printed caught shoes can be paired with jeans and plain suits.

Printed shoes are also inn these days. Caught shoes with funky-chunky prints also look gorgeous and are a new trend for fashionistas. Cheetah prints and polka dotted shoes are now not only for dresses but also for shoes. They can be paired with jeans, tights and tops as well. It is suitable for teens at hangouts and friends night out.

Fancy flat sandals

Fancy Flat Sandals

Fancy flat sandals looks amazing on casual and formal functions.

It is a very favorite style for a smashing personality. Flat sandals are perfect for young and old aged people. Brilliant fancy flats are on the stores for formal and casual look. Shoes are embellished fully with beads and stones so that the ones who face problems in wearing heels can go to parties with full confidence.

The design and embellishment of sandals and shoes are in various forms. Wear it according to your body posture and need of the occasion. Keep trying different styles and follow each new trend students and working women can use all of the shoes styles during a day apart from pencil high heels. They are especially for formal looks and its voice sometimes not sound good during presentations, meetings and classes.


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