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Interior Decorating And Decor Tips

Home Decor is not as difficult as you think. It can be done in small budget with some easy tricks. Every portion needs concentration of members to make it adorable. You don’t need to spend lot of time on this matter. Just go to market and buy things that you think lack in your rooms.

Tips To Decorate Bedroom


Bedsheets with darker prints looks amazing.

As the name implies, bedroom means bed is crucial element. Bedsheets with darker prints totally change looks. Always keep your bedsheets in style like if you have polyester layered sheets then fold it from pillow side. When you are going to sleep then make that area plain. Keep 3 to 4 cussions in the middle of pillow in different shapes. They add a very funky yet amazing effect in your private place. Cussions should be in multi shades so that they all go with all prints of bedsheets. Pure cotton sheets in high quality remains static and doesn’t gather when you sit or sleep.

Tips For Sitting Arrangement Or Lounge

Sitting area, Hall or Lounge is the main and the most used portion of home. In earlier times yards are made instead of lounge. so there was no need of sitting items due to rain and dust. Don’t do the mistake of setting bed in this hall. it totally ruins setting arrangements. somebody has to sleep there then sofa bed is the best option. it can be used for both purposes. Use floor cushions if members or guest needs to sit for a tea party or any other chit-chat. Cushions can be cleared easily when you dn’t need them.

Tips For Bathroom Decor

now bath rooms are also kept in 11 minutes. First and foremost important thing is sprays that vanish the effect of bad odor. Candles can be used for this sake in a glass. so that when they melt then you don’t need to scratch residue of candles. Small artificial plant pots are also used for bath decor. Cleanliness is also a must one rule if you want to get appreciation on these little intelligence and sophistication. Stickers can be used on door of washrooms.

Safety Tips Having Decor Effect


Cover sofa and tables with mats to give decent look.

You can use table, sofa mats for securing your items from dust and dirty hands. Specially it is difficult to stop children from doing such activities. The portion like sofa handle or hand side must be made safe with Mats. in this way colored and quality are also maintained for a long time. Floor mat also do the same.. Mats on entrance save your floor from dusty dirty foots. Because you cannot say everyone to leave shoes outside the room. Bath room shoes should  be different.

Tips to Decorate Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where you are making healthy delicious food for your loved ones. Kitchen decor items are a bit different like hand artificial vegetable and fruits plant in corners. if you have some stickers and paste them uncovered. Artificial fruit basket can be kept on table in kitchen.

By following all of these simple tips and tricks, you can make your home Sweet Home a happy place to live in yet Modern as well.

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