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Tips For Planning A Bridal Shower

Marriage is a memorable day for bride and groom as well. It is the turning point of life. Many people do different things to cherish the king and queen before their wedding. Special feasts and parties are arranged to enjoy last days of bachelor life. Bridal shower is also a celebration mostly organized by friends, cousins and sisters to make the girl happy. It is an event that is to share some girlish moments togethor. If your sister or friends wedding is near then make it a dreamy day. Here are some tips and tricks for planning a bridal shower bash.


Bridal shower is the day for cherishing each other.

Tips For Decoration

Firstly select a place where you are going to enjoy the event. If you have a broad lawn then its perfect for celebration. Make a ramp at the entry gate decorated with flowers at the corners in red color. Write names on charts of the girls invited to give the feeling that everyone is special. And place it infront of the gate like flags. Balloons can also be placed in pink, red and purple shade. But its much better if you keep flower pots at the stage on which bride sit. Say everyone to bring a greeting card embellished with fancy items. Also place these at a corner specified for it.

Tips For Photoshoot


Girls should take a funky snap in flower bands.

Due to cameras and selfie fever photoshoots are now the central part of any get togethor and hang out. Make little selfie props with charts, glittered sheets and cards. Make a heavy flower crown for the queen and flower bands for all the girls. Take pictures in a very arranged manner. Dont do anything in hurry because digital world today provides you the facility to take hundreds of snaps without the charges of developing it. Take everyones picture while they are giving gifts. And at the end capture with selfie props.

Tips For Decorating Menu Table

The menu of bridal shower is a bit different as compared to other events. The dishes should be garnished beautifully. Items are cupcakes, biscuits, fruit trifles, ice-cream, fruit salads, chocolates and other sweets. Set all these yummy food before your guest enter at the place. Use best crockery as they also add a style in the environment. Order cake for the bride designed in a girlish way having makeup, bag, doll, jewelry and other things you think your bride love. Put sticks in cupcakes having any tag written on it. Keep napkins in flower form and don’t forget to keep roses at the centre of table.


Design table with mount watering and colorful meals.

Tips For Giving Gifts To Bride

Always prefer that your gift must be an item to be kept for longer time. If you want to give a perfume then its perfect but also give a nice bracelet as well. Cellphone, apparels, clutch, handbag, wall clock, wall hangings, wrist watch and cake set are the things that can be wrap as a present for your lovely friend. Pack it in a very delicate and funky hued sheet. If the bridal shower is thematic then gift sheet should be in that tint. Ribbons make the box more appealing so don’t forget to add it.

I am sure all these tips make your day awesome.

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