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Best Decorating Tips And Tricks

Everyone in the world wishes to decorate home with whatever facilities they have. Some people think that houses can only be embellished with bulks of money and by hiring a very expensive interior designer. This is not actually the case. You just need to focus a bit on your surroundings. Many people in the world make handmade decorative items to the appreciation of other people. They try hard to make the house an attractive place to live in. Here are some cheap and easy tips and tricks to make decorative items at home.

Tips and tricks to make decorated box


Cheap way of decoration.

There are many useless boxes in other wardrobes and kitchen. We can use all of these boxes as an item of decoration. In this way they are utilized and obviously add up a good look in our rooms. Take any broken box and put it in a balloon to cover its bad part. Colorful balloons add a beautiful look in these things. Now take a chart and cut it into flower or star shape. Now paste it on the box with the help of gum. If the box is small in size you can make it a pencil box for the study table. If it is a bit larger then you can keep your makeup pencils and comes in it. It looks stunning on your dressing table and side tables as well.

Tips and tricks to make photo frames

Photo frame is considered to be the best present for all Group of ages. If you make your photo frame with your hands then it leaves a very long lasting impact on your loved ones. It is also very easy and economical. Take any card from yours milk cartons or from your old notebooks. Make sure that the card is in good position means hard. Cover it with a fancy or plain sheet. I prefer plain sheet because in this way whatever you apply on it; it becomes prominent. Now at all the four corners paste beads with uhu. Other things doesnt have strong capacity to hold. Now place a memorable photo in it and keep it on your side tables or showcases.


Photo Frame is the best gift.

Tips and tricks to make vases

Take the bottles of talcum powder, lotions and perfumes. Wash these thouroughly with warm water so that all the residues can be finished. Now the point is to make it a vase. For this matter take your favorite paints and apply on it. Now the choice is yours whether you want to keep it simple or make designs with contrasting shades of paint.

Tips and tricks to make wall hangings

You can also install a thread at the back of photo frame to make it a wall hanging. And the second option is take a huge card board from your store and make pocket like four cases. Then put photos in it. Or you can also keep your kitchen accessories in it.

In this way all of your useless items are utilized, your precious money is also saved. And your rooms look nicer in a cheap way. I am sure all of these ideas helps you embellish your place in an effective and appealing way.

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