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Basic Rules For Table Manners

Dinner table is a place where friends and family gather and discuss various issues. All the success stories and griefs are shared on the table.


Table manners are important to learn.

Because all the time everyone is busy in their own jobs and working. Many people do irritating acts during the meal that sbows their lack of awareness. Very few individuals follow table etiquettes and behave like a civilized person. So here are some tips and tricks for the ones who are unfamiliar with the do’s and don’ts of sitting at the table.

Rules Of Good Table Manners

  1. When you sit at the table, keep your napkin in your lap.
  2. Always eat silently without creating any noise because it sounds so weired.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the food or dont know how to eat. Avoid taking it and refuse in a sophisticated manner.
  4. Good table manner also include that instead of filling your plates. Take a small portion first and then ask for more if you like it.
  5. The most irritating thing for the host is when guest leave the residues in bowls. Then they became the part of dustbin. This is just wastage of food and your ill mannered attitude.

Avoiding Mistakes At Dinner Table

Before mentioning the avoiding mistakes at the dinner table. I would like to mention that all of these are so awkward for the people sitting next to you. This type of behavior can destroy your image in front of your colleagues and friends.


Avoid using gadgets at the dinner table.

  1. If you are suffering from cough, sneezing and flu. Then keep a handkerchief with you and go to bathroom if you are feeling anything wrong. This is a bit tricky situation to handle, so you have to be very cautious.
  2. Due to the gadget addiction, many people are seen using mobile phones and tablets at meal table. It creates distraction between food, people and you.
  3. The tables are set according to the food and the guests invited. So keep your cell phone, bags and other things down on the floor. If you are eating in a restaurant or at your peers home. Always keep your things with you, if you want to avoid any loss in future.
  4. Always discuss topics very wisely during the meal because your little cross talk with someone can ruin the essence of food.
  5. One more thing that I would really like to mention here is that some women’s remain busy with their toddlers when the food is served hot. And then request the host to again bring hot bowls specially for her. This is not a good thing so always abstain from these acts.

    Never sneeze at the meal table.

    Never sneeze at the meal table.

  6. Avoid saying the statements like the food is so oily or it’s so spicy I don’t like it. Eat if you like and leave if you don’t like the taste.

It is an honor for you that you are invited to have food. Obviously some special arrangements in fact best things are used to please you. So by respecting all the efforts behave in a very civilized and educated way. Follow these tips and tricks to maintain your image

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