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Effects of Social Media On Youth

Social media is something that is common among in our youth, children, and adolescents. Now it is becoming prominent part of our life. Without media now the life looks boring and colorless. Most of the people are engage in using social networking sites without knowing that these sites have positive or negative impact over lives. Now the people are more connected on Facebook, twitter, messenger, and etc. What is the reason behind that people are using and talking with Facebook “friends “more than the people who are at their homes or at workplace? Here are some bad and good aspects of social media:

Addiction of Facebook:
Facebook addiction is very common and most of the young people and youth are involved in using Facebook for long period of time without caring their studies and spend a lot of time with Facebook. This addiction towards Facebook is also affecting our relationships people now try to spent time with Facebook friends rather than face to face communication.

social mediaCyber bulling:
Cyber bulling is very important aspect of Facebook which needs to be address in order to stop it. “online harassment” is the another name of cyber bulling.Cyber bulling is something when someone joins Facebook or other social networking sites in order to adopt a threatening behavior towards someone during a discussion or sends threatening messages. There should be proper rules and regulations for Facebook users to stop such attitudes.

Education is important for all now with the advent of technology it is no more difficult to gain education while sitting at home it gives you easy excess. Some social networking sites are very useful for students. According to one research it is indicated that 59% of student users report that they use social networking to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments. Teachers can easily collaborate on sites to their students which help a lot in their studies. Students have fast and easy excess online through which they learn a lot.

Source of awareness:
Online medium is great source of information which creates awareness. It is observed that Information spreads faster online than any other media. More than 50% learn about breaking news on social media. Social networking sites have ability to change the people through awareness. People are connected on online medium more as compare to people who read newspaper or listen to radio.social media and youth

Job opportunities:
Social media sites have created thousands of jobs and new avenues of income. Employers find employees and unemployed find work. Many people are hired through LinkedIn, via Facebook, and via Twitter. So this is very useful as far as job opportunities are concerned.

Lack of privacy:
Online media have lack of privacy .Online advertising policies are an invasion of privacy. If you “like” a brand, you’re giving that company access to your personal information. Everybody have an excess to comment over personal information. It is not safe to post pictures and photos on Facebook.

The percentage of false news is more on social sites as compare to other medium. It enables the spread of false rumors and unreliable information. Users have read false news on social media.

In this article I have discussed many bad and good aspects of social media; it will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information some other topic.

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