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Impacts of Violent Video Games

With new technology and inventions unique games are also introduced for entertainment purposes. when kids reach the age of 5 years. They want playing games and parents give them tablets, laptops and cell phones for it. Actually when they want to divert the attention of their kids. They give them games but I think this is the huge mistake of our elders.

Violence is the part of video games.

Violence is the part of video games.

Content Of Games

Some of the games have immoral content and others are filled with violence and aggression. The dresses of cartoonic girls are so vulgar. Even some of them show only kissing and other bad symbols. All these things create bad image in young minds. In this way kids also behave rudely and angrily when they are playing with siblings and friends.

Disadvantages Of Violent Video Games

Unripe minds can be moulded in any form. But when they watch violence then they start implementing it in real life. Parents want to get red of kids questions and mischievous acts. But I think questions should be answered. So that confusions are cleared. And the one who questions a lot learn more as well. Naughty acts are much better than watching fights. The society face worst circumstances and the manpower coverts into violent power. This is surely bad for any country progress and prosperity.

Playing video games too much makes kids violent.

Playing video games too much makes kids violent.

Impacts Of Violent Video Games 

These animated 3 d games are entirely different from the reality. They create illusions in young minds and then their believe on real life goes nil. Some children’s also do things which they watch in games. And pinch pencil nip on their siblings finger. Try to jump from height with gun that kills enemy. They think as in fighting games two people fight to win score. In the same way they can do in real life. But this is a wrong perception given in games.

Tips For A Healthy Living

In free time kids should be forced to involve in some physical activity. It’s better if parents play with their kids because a healthy environment stops them to go and play in a virtual world. Play cricket, badminten, carom, chess, luddoand football etc. As such games makes pleasurable atmosphere at your home. All the members feel happy and healthy together.

Reasons Behind Aggressive Behavior

One reason behind aggressive attitude is that parents are also busy in cell phones and gadgets. In olden times it is said that elite class ignore their childrens. But now the situation is different. Middle class people are also busy in social media and voice bundles. After observing all this situation, little ones feels free to do anything without considering right and wrong. Parents are unable to understand the reasons behind the shattered personality. When the situation of the child gets worse then they are treated strictly. All these behaviors create a generation gap among people, which is difficult to overcome in future.

Being Aware with new techniques is fundamental in the current scenario. But excessive use of everything is treacherous. So keep these things in moderated Form. Our children’s are our future and they have to do something good that will give benefit to the entire nation.

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