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Why Do We Celebrate Labour Day?

1st May is a day specified as labor day all over Pakistan. Actually this day is to appreciate and contribute the efforts of all the individuals belonging to labor community. They work hard to construct houses, buildings, clean vehicles and serve the nation devotedly. Some boys of 8 to 10 years also work on hotels to support their family. They don’t have the required money to go to school so they work day and night to earn bread of 2 times.


Happy Labour Day

Importance of Labor day

This day is celebrated to impart awareness about Labor and their sacrifices in youngsters. So that they feel honored while living in a society. Along with many other special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day, Woman’s Day. It also contains priority and give message to the lazy people to work hard for the betterment of country. Manpower is the only thing that guarantee the financial rectificity of the nation.

Behavior of Society Towards Poor

Many of us view daily that young kids are selling flowers, towels, glasses, balloons and many other things. Some cruel minded people neglect or behave aggressively with them. They are already in grief situation and such attitude makes them feel alone in society. If they are poor that doesn’t mean you can treat them roughly. Poverty is their fate and Worse time can come anytime on anyone.

Why do We Celebrate Labor Day

Again if i talk about Labor Day then it is observed that on 5th may every school, university, college and office remain closed, because there is a national holiday announced by government. How strange it is that Labor Day is celebrated for the hard working labors but they are seen working during the whole day of summers on 5th may. The main purpose of this day can not be seen anywhere. Others who work in air conditioned offices stay and sleep well at home.


Labor community is the fundamental part of a country.

This is a very hypocrite attitude towards the ones who work so hard. Small wages are given to them even some tight fisted people avoid giving full payment. These innocent people suffer a lot but can’t do anything. Because they don’t have any links and contacts to get their rights. Dishonesty is not the part of their blood. And in some countries honesty suffers from bad consequences.

Tips to Celebrate Labor Day

I think if Labor Day is celebrated then the first rule is holiday must be for the labor community. So that they ll feel relaxed and privileged. If they report to police about lords who didn’t give full money on time. Then the rule makers should help them fully. If the poor person doesn’t get their rights then the time will come when they take it through wrong ways. When rights are not given then they are snatched through criminal acts. In this way society will suffer. So its better not to occupy someone’s right.

Any country development depends on its lower middle class people. If these people are loyal then no one can stop the state from getting independent entirely. And there is no need to take loans and debts from others. They are a fundamental part of our society and not less in any form. So give them respect because they deserve it.

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