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Impact Of Media Violence On Children

Media is powerful tool which shapes the opinion of people. People watch television and try to adopt the behavior that is shown in media. The stuff that is shown in television affects the children in some way or other. Unfortunately, violence is one of the most famous forms of entertainment. Violence stuff is available in, in the form of video games, cartoons and, short movies.Chlidren act in the same way what they watch in television. Violence stuff promotes violent behavior among people.It contributes towards aggression in children and children practice this violence over other kids.

There are certain factors which affect children mental level.

impact of violenceViolence through video games:

The advent of video games opened a new story towards violence. It affects the children mind through entertainment. Impact of media violence on violent behavior is very strong. There are many films, dramas, video games that promote violence in children and young youth. Parallel effects are observed in older adolescent and young adults ,those who are more exposed to violent clips tends to behave more aggressively than the adults who are not exposed to violent clips. A study accessed physical violence e.g. hitting, thrusting, beating and kicking between boys who had just played either a violent or a non-violent video game. Those who had played the violent video game were more physically aggressive and violent towards peers. The findings on violent video games have strong public health problems for a number of reasons. Children are spending large amount of time playing video games, watch violent movies most of which contains violence.
Video game units are now offering in 83% of homes with children with no socioeconomic such differences in video game unit ownership. Other randomized experiments have measured college students’ tendency to be physically aggressive and violent behavior after they had played or not played a violent video game. The report given by national institute of mental health in 1982 identified the effects over children when they watch violence on TV children become less sensitive for pain and suffering of others, children are more fearful of the world around them, children may behave aggressively towards others. Other researches shows that exposure towards media violence, diverts people to the violent activities. According to many psychologists that media violence is one of the factors that promote the aggressive and violent behavior among people.

media violenceIn one of the research it is concluded that exposure to violent games increases the risk of aggressive behavior and aggressive cognition that deceases the feeling of sympathy among people. One other research indicates that children who are exposed to violent stuff are more involved in acts like e.g hitting and threatening other students, attacking someone with the idea of seriously hurting or killing him or her , participating in gang fights, throwing objects or things at other people.
Media should regulate its content because it is creating violence many children through dramas, films, video games and violent TV programs. These violent programs are promoting negative emotion among young adults. Media should broadcast positive stuff so the viewer’s adopt positive behavior.

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