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Tips To Stop Violence Against Women

Violence is a word that contains negative meaning in it. It is not tolerable in any form by a human being. Domestic violence is a very old and still debatable issue. The victims of such violence are women. They are the weak creature of Allah created as a wife, mother, daughter, sister. All these relationships are filled with love, care, devotion and dedication. But some mentally sick people treat her like a slave and degrade as much as he can. Husbands beat their wives cruelly on small mistakes and sometimes on nothing. They use women to release their aggression, tension and grief.


Violence is not the part of our culture.

Reasons Behind Violent Behavior

The real reasons behind such behavior towards the nicest creation is lack of education mainly. Illiteracy is an evil that can ruin generation’s life. People don’t have the awareness of right and wrong. They should learn that Violence is not the part of out culture. Their mentality starts from women’s are stupid and ends at beating her. So that she remains fearful rest of her life. If the male members are given awareness and knowledge of woman’s right. Then the life of the whole family becomes divine.

Impact of Violence On Mind

They are not sufferers of physical violence but the effect on psyche is much more effective. It is also generally observed that victims of domestic violence are unable to express sadness and confidence level goes to zero. They are unable to concentrate on work. When someone talks to them, it looks that they are not present mentally. Such victims also avoid expressing emotions openly due to fear. They abstain from sitting in gatherings because the stains of violence on mind stop her from living life happily.

Impact of Violence On Kids

Kids who live in such tortured environment also face problems. But they are unable to express their feelings. Every person has a different nature and mind. Some become fearful and others can be aggressive and behave the same way as they watch at their homes. Some do the same thing with others in future, because they remain unfamiliar that this attitude can hurt someone.
Women’s are not less than anyone. They can do all types of work very competently. But if they are treated in such inhuman manner, then they all become a patient whose life is destroyed.


Tips to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls

Tips To Stop Violence Against Women

If you see such violence around you at your home, friend’s home, neighbors. Then don’t take it as their own personal matter. It is the responsibility of society to stop and save innocent peoples life. Try to negotiate with such persons. Otherwise take them to police and support the women morally and economically if possible. Many seminars and lectures are conducted to give information about women’s right. But honestly I see that the audiences are females. I think the patriarchs should be given information. Because they are the one on which everything depends. The husband, father, brother and son are the one whose permission is must in every matter. So tell them that to make a splendid society freedom of females is crucial.

Stop any type of violence that you see around you. A country’s development depends on healthy nation. Stand against oppression for your safety.

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