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Photo Journalism Regarding Manipulation And Privacy

Photo journalism is one the type of journalism. It gives the description of any news through photos, graphics and pictures.In other words photo journalism is the visual representation of story which have a great influence over audience. Now the news is explained through photos. With evolution of photojournalism the concept of privacy also vanished. Photo journalism also has a strong impact over visual material of news, it goes into the memory of people and people memorized it.Photo journalism is all about user generated content (UGC).

Manipulation through photos and credibility:photo journalism

Sometime photos are manipulated through Photoshop and different software’s. Images and pictures are manipulated according to their interest. Every newspaper uses the technique of manipulation. Newspaper like tabloid includes digital manipulation where large newspapers have unethical manipulation. One of the writer mentioned in his book that editors should not manipulate and change the picture and image because it will destroy the credibility of images and misguide the audience. Photographer should show the reality of the story. Portrayal of images of violence and tragedy is against the code of ethics. In this era the manipulation of images is very common so it can also mislead the viewer. This creates the sensation in the picture.

This all manipulation is visible in the newspaper which also distracts the readers and the view it also affects the credibility of the newspaper. It is against ethics to mold the images through manipulation it can also show the wrong picture and story of the news to the readers. Codes of ethics are very important for journalism profession. National press photographers association (NPPA).It is the press that keeps the check on photos. This works for the accurate photos .The manipulation of photos should not be done in order to create manipulation among people. If the image is unethical than it is the image insult. There are many digital software which are used to manipulate the images.

There is a difference between privacy and secret, privacy means which you do not want to share with anyone else where secret mean something that is totally hidden. In photo journalism the culture of photo sharing website is increasing day by day and friend circle is increasing rapidly people share photos to everyone. More secrets reveals in this way and information leaks.
Facebook is the site that is considers as one of the site where information is available to everyone. People used to share photos and information on large amount and the accounts are hacked this results in the leakage of information.

Journalists and photo journalism:photo news

With all this activity of journalists people are losing trust over the people who convey them information because now the Photoshop, all the images are changeable and can be altered. In this technical era everybody has the knowledge of software and change the picture from the background which is very difficult for the viewer to judge real or the fake images. In photo journalism picture is set of responsibility for the journalist he is the one that is transferring information to the public sphere. It should be based on reality not on deception.
In this article I have discussed photo journalism and its different dimensions, it will informative for you. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information some other topic.

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