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Tips For Planning Feasts

Feasts of friends and family get together are very thrilling and memorable time for the people. It is a time when you celebrate happiness, share problems on meal tables and discuss daily routine with your loved ones. Special arrangements has to be made to make it more exciting and show skills in domestic work.

Many people cook delicious food but way of presentation is kept quiet simple. There are many ways to design  the dinner and lunch table. So that you leave a long lasting impression on your relatives. The appreciation you got surely makes you feel contented. Here are some easy and affordable tips, so that you can learn good management and presentation tricks. A very simple meal table will turn into a five star restaurant environment.


Decorated Room For Family Feast

Tips to Decorate Room

Firstly take a look of your room in which you have to serve food. Keeping in mind the number of persons invited and the space of the room. If you think that your room is suitable then start decorating it.

Flowers Decoration

Flowers must be your first priority while embellishing any part of your house. Fill corners with lamps or vases. Keep a small vase in the center of dinning table with white or multi-colored flowers. At the entrance of the room hang net curtains available in markets in vast variety to give a royal effect.

Tips for Dinner Table


Keep flower vase at the center of table

Keep the dishes in the middle of the table in straight line. Then 1 rice plate, small plate, glass, fork and spoon in front of every chair. Napkins can be settled in glasses. But if you have tissue paper then put it in any design you like. Always keep table mat because it not only looks decent but also save your place from dirt and stains.

Tips For Thematic Arrangements

In the modern era thematic arrangements are getting attention of the people. Every birthday, anniversary, wedding, bridal showers, baby showers and feasts are kept thematic. It means special-specific colors are seen in every items. Even in some parties of the elite; guests invited comes in that selected color apparel.

While making arrangements; select a color preferably dark and bright. Keep tissue paper, vase, mat and flowers in that tint to give a refreshing look to the event. Don’t forget to spray air fashioners when the guests rang your door bell. So that fragrance remains until you finish your meal.


Thematic feasts give your guests a special feeling.

Tips for Garnishing

Whatever you are serving whether it is rice, fish, kebab or gravy. Garnish it with green mint and coriander. Use parsley to decorate the platters of salads and fried items. These little efforts give you and your guests a special feeling and honor. Sweet dishes also need the same priority as others. Actually decoration attracts more and forces people to at least taste all the food available.

These help you to make your time full of happiness and admiration. Life is short and every person is involved in his/her own problems. So celebrate each moment with your loved ones. Instead of communicating through digital media all the time. This quality time give you pleasure and enjoyment. Stay updated from latest and informative tips for all matters of life.

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