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Tips For Investigative Journalists

Investigative Journalism is a profession of brave, courageous people. It refers to investigate or dig out crimes, corporate wrong doings, corruption or any kind of mishandling. It is also considered as the most dangerous field. The term was firstly introduced by benjamin franklin who published a gazette public occurrences both foreign and domestic. In that government corruption and wrong political activities are exposed. That was the beginning of investigative journalism reporting.

Here are some tips to be kept in mind for successful investigative journalism.


Investigative Journalism is a Daring Profession.

Tips to Collect Information

Investigative journalist use different ways to investigate an issue. In terms of sources they have to be very cautious. Credible sources must be used so that chances of authenticity in investigating can be more.

Tips to Gather Authentic Information

Sometimes one report takes more time. Investigative reporter should take more time to collect all the relevant information deeply. One report may take months and years to complete. So journalist should be patient and curious as well. As if longer time is involved then you have to be stronger and work hard as well.


Investigative journalist should gather authentic information.

Tips to Make Links

An investigative journalist should also need to make contacts and PR to gather information about corruptions and crimes. Social networking sites also play an important role as many people post or tell about certain wrong activities happening around them. If proper security is provided then they will tell more about criminals. Professional reporters should make full and detailed report and publish it after confirming all the material mentioned.

Tips to Investigative Journalists About News Value

Always keep news value in mind means the crime that is affecting more people or is done by influential persons are more concerned. This point is important because if your report does not contain people’s interest then your hard work goes in vain. Individuals take into notice their country issues not other countries crimes.

Tips to Use Internet for Information

Search Internet For Investigative Reports

Information gathered should be from credible sources.

Use credible net services available otherwise your information may be leaked. Opponents can use that to threaten them. Don’t publish your report before confirming each and every point.

Tips for Journalists Safety

Always take your editor in confidence so that any bad situation can be dealt under guidance and support of him. Always keep 3-4 copies of information so that if one copy is stealed then other can be used. Don’t share your confidential documents with anyone else until you are sure about him/her.

By following these useful tips you will be successful in this field.

This profession needs more strong and firm attitude so be wise if you e=want to join this field. If you think that you are passionate about it then be a part of revealing money laundering and crimes. As it is not only reporting its also a social cause. Because the benefits are for the whole society. In this way society and country can be developed. If all the political, social corruptions are finished then country prospers more.

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