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Winter Season Tips

Winter is very cold season which brings happiness as well as considered to bring much contagious infection like flu etc.

We all need to be preparing for winter. Here are few Tips For Winter Season that will make our life happy and easier in winter season.

  • Clean your room fully before the incoming of winter.
  • Sui gas is one of the easiest source of heating rooms, however in many parts of Eastern countries like Pakistan, rooms are heated by burning wood or kerosene oil.
  • Get your all warm clothes out and sequence them in your cupboard while take out all the light clothes.
  • Use blanket or quilt to cover yourself at night.
  • In dressing, use scarf, warm dresses, wool gloves, socks and wear shoes made specially for winter season not the open shoes. It will helps in keeping your body warmer.  Always cover you head because it is more prone to cold and may cause many contagious infections.
  • Your room should be closed to avoid the direct or indirect current of air for example the windows must be covered by curtains.
  • Always take hot water bath in winter otherwise it may leads to headache or fever.
  • Take a glass of milk before sleeping because it increases the energy currency of the body.
  • Exercise is very important in winter because it increases the heat of body and also provides a smooth blood flow. The person who does daily exercise will be less affected by different serious disease like heart attack or blood pressure. In winter there are many people who face the problem of low blood pressure because of the drop in body temperature.
  • The use of spicy food may cause cold sores so there should be proper diet. The use of dry fruits is recommended as well as the proteinous food like fish, meat etc is recommended. It provides the necessary or essential nutrients to the body.
  • The temperature of the refrigerator should be maintained with respect to the external temperature.
  • The use of tea or coffee keeps the body active in winters. But it should not be used excessively because excess of everything is harmful.
  • Monitor the temperature changes before going outside. Do not drive fast if it is foggy outside. In winters the rate of accident is high because of fog. Do not drive if you are fatigued or tired.
  • Use a shampoo that reduces the dandruff and also use the cold cream because your skin is mainly dry in the winter.  The cold and dry air may damage your skin so keep your body well moisturizer. The dryness is due to less consumption of water so we should drink the water to remain hydrated.
  • Work more in day time as the days are short in winter while take rest at night. It is mainly considered that we eat much because the intensity of hunger is usually high in winter because of less consumption of water as well as food is necessary to raise the amount of ATPs to keep the body hot.
  • Use of winter fruits is recommended because it has the essential vitamin to perform the metabolic activities.

At the end I will say keep enjoying winter but after following the winter tips. You can share your helpful tips for winter season by adding your comments at the end of this article.

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