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Tips to Become a Morning Person

We have seen a lot of people wasting their time on useless activities other than utilizing their precious time. They all want to work better than others without doing any effort. Efforts are which differentiate the one person from other by making one as great person and other as nil. Mostly people think that they can be morning person if morning happened around noon while other thinks to be allergic to morning.

Morning Persons are defined as individuals who are capable of performing their duty effectively, actively and efficiently from morning to evening. We have to wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.
Every one hopes to become a morning person and from my point of view everyone can be a morning person but he/she needs to put his/her whole concentration in building his/her life style.


Girl Waking Up Early in the Morning

There are several ways of becoming a morning person.

Breakfast is considered to be important meal of whole day. After having sleep our body metabolism slows down and we need to eat a meal full of proteins and vitamins. One needs to eat healthy food. It’s a secret of healthy life. It keeps us active and strong enough and less prone toward diseases.
Make a schedule and implement it on you. Try to remain determined or focused to your plans.
Try to sleep on the same time because it will not disturb your internal clock and try not to eat too much or never remain too hungry because both these states may make you awaken at night.
Likewise always prefer a dark room free of noise to make you cozy. This environment will automatically induce sleep in your body.
Any kind of light may stimulate circadian rhythm and disrupt your sleep cycle. Manage to sleep where this kind of disruption is less.
Do not think about any problem while lying on the bed. Always pray to Almighty Allah to bless you with better and quality sleep.
Always try to wake up early in the morning at the same time to comfort yourself. Before starting your day plan a motive to work.


Girl Turning Morning Alarm Off by Pressing Snooze Button

For making above point possible try to wake up using alarm clock and never try to press snooze button repeatedly. It is best to put alarm clock far from your sleeping bed. In this way you will not be able to press snooze button and you have to wake up and walk to the clock for pressing stop button.
There are several apps that can help to get you out of the bed. For example wake n snake, sleep cycle and better me are several apps to make our missions possible.
Try to have some exercise to make yourself active.
All we need to have a reason to rise earlier. Always find that reason to make your plan successful. Always try to utilize your time to work more and more. Because we may face mortality at any time so never leave your work for the next day and try to be more productive.


Fajar Prayer

For being a Muslim I would like to share one point with all of you and I am sure, this is one of the most important activity that helps us to become a morning person and start our day with healthy activity. If we use to offer our Ishaa Prayer at every night we can automatically lead to sleep well and rise earlier for Fajar Prayer. The people who offer fajr prayer they always remain active the whole day. This is a fact and we only need to try it. I hope these tips will help you to be a morning person by getting up early in the morning and offering fajar prayer. For more daily life tips please keep on visiting Tips.PK.

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