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Tips to be Patient and Calm

Patience is capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming agitated or anxious. It’s a time to stop being emotional and to act calmly in any situation. It’s very harder to become patience because for being so we have to have strong control on our nerves. It takes times to achieve; often took ages.

Role of hormone:

The adrenal gland located on the top of our kidney helps in performing many functions including the control of emotions and also helps us to deal in stress conditions. These glands are under control of Pituitary glands (master glands) and hypothalamus which is considered to be a part of our brain.

Factors involved in increasing stress: There are following factors which may leads to increase level of stress and person may lose their temper.

  • Environmental factors: Unhealthy environment may leads to stressful mind. Try to avoid noisy places and try to get cozy.
  • Internal conditions: It includes the hormonal imbalance inside the body which may leads to frustration. Try having comfortable sleep for stabilizing your body.
  • Food plays an important role in establishment of patience in a person’s body.
  • If a body is facing problem of dehydration then it will more prone to losing temper.

How to be patience:

Mainly the people have no idea about how to act calmly. Here are tips to be patient with patience:

  • Try to figure out the problem which is enhancing your eagerness.
  • Try not to get hurry in any task because it is main cause behind what we are talking about.
  • Try to feel calm and spread your work in working hours rather than doing it at once.
  • Try to pinpoint the situation, words, behavior and phrases which mainly trigger you to lose your patience. By knowing about the frequency of patience to trigger we can easily control it.
  • If you are in a relationship you must not feel stressed but should discover root of problem which is disturbing your relations. Try not to be impatience. It may increase distance between you and your partner.
  • I have practiced it in my routine too whenever I feel stress I use to write down my problem on a blank page and transfer all my anger on the paper by writing it down. This helps me to be patience.
  • I think the person attitude matters a lot. I too have much attitude which often becomes expensive for me. A person must change his/her attitude by thinking in a positive way. I am also trying it.
  • Try to behave well by letting that matter go which triggers impatience.
  • Try to think about the happy memories and big events in which stimulate you to be patience and keeps you away from behaving frequently at any situation.
  • Be kind and generous by forgiving others is a key behind a successful relationship.
  • Train yourself to act peacefully in hard situation.
  • Yoga is considered to be best exercise to make a body clam both internally and externally.

I hope above tips will help you to become patient and calm. For more general tips keep on visiting Tips.PK.

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