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Tips And Tricks To Break Bad Habits

Habits develop the personality. Good habit adds positively towards the personality. There are some bad habits which destroys the personality of a person. Bad habits have also bad impact over the life you need to quit them .Here is list of bad habits which makes your personality bad:

Skipping breakfast:
Skipping breakfast is one of the common bad habits. Breakfast is the first meal of the day.it provides you with the fuel to for whole day. If you are in habit to keep the breakfast than it keeps the metabolism running on low, which can lead to weight gain. It is easy to develop the habit of breakfast. Plan the menu for the breakfast; add your favorite fruits and items in the menu. Breakfast will keep the sugar level, blood pressure and metabolism normal and maintained. Give proper fuel to the body and work efficiently.

Behavior that leaves you in stress, anger, and worried:
This type of behavior is very dangerous for the person.it keeps you in the state of stress and leaves you unhappy. It also increases your blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity, slow digestion. Stress kills the happiness and it also makes you suffer from heart disease and diabetes. It is very simple to find reasons of happiness stay cool, stay in the state of hope and enjoy the life. Eat healthy and do exercise is healthy for your ability to manage stressful situations.

Too much love for junk food:
Everyone loves to eat junk food. Junk food can be good for you but it should be in the limit. It can damage the healthy badly. It also contributes towards and raises the bad cholesterol. You can replace this junk food with the healthy diet, leave junk food and switch to healthy food it will be beneficial for your health. Home meal is very good source of gaining health. You can save money if you prepare your own meals instead of buying fast food.

tv watching

Spending too much time with TV:
Spending too much time with TV lessen the physical activity that result in the overweight, diabetes, and sugar. This can be made enjouful by visiting friends, doing exercise or visiting beautiful place. By turning TV time into active time and committing to a healthy TV/activity balance, you can burn more calories, become fit.

Nail biting:nail biting
It is one of the common and annoying habits that badly affect your outlook. Nail biting is unhealthy habit too and affects the personality in bad way. As far as beauty concerns, it also destroys the beauty of the nails and makes them look bad.

Squeezing Pimples:
Onychophagia is the common medical condition which is termed as nail biting. It is very bad habit that can destroy the beauty of the face. If you want to look cute, make sure you are not habitual to it. If you want to look cute, make sure you are not habitual to it. If you squeeze the pimples than it will bring the scars on the face.to avoid pimples on the face wash the face daily to avoid the bacteria on the face.

In this article I have discussed many bad habits that affect your personality in negative way. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information on some other topic

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